Building Blocks: Who is God?

Click HERE for This Week’s Building Blocks Study: God is Holy

Via the link above, you’ll find:

  • A video Bible study for the entire family
  • An interactive worksheet to use during the video
  • A Just For Kids video with Ms. Mary Stuart
  • A variety of Just For Kids resources
  • Questions for family discussion
  • Bible readings for the next week

PARENTS: our goal in January is to help our children know God so that as they grow, they develop hearts that want to honor him and participate in his plan for the world. Having recognized God as our Creator (Part 1) and learned about the awesome “I AM” attributes (Part 2), the goal of this session is to introduce the principle of holiness, the problem of sin, and Jesus as the answer to our greatest mess.

Previously in This Series:

Still to Come in This Series:

  • January 22: God is Love
  • January 29: Our Father in Heaven

Thanks for building with us, may the Lord bless our efforts, and we’ll see you next weekend!