Building Blocks: Who is Jesus?

Click HERE for This Week’s Building Blocks Study:
The Son of God

Via the link above, you’ll find:

  • A video Bible study for the entire family
  • An interactive worksheet to use during the video
  • A Just For Kids video with Ms. Michelle
  • A variety of Just For Kids resources
  • Questions for family discussion
  • Bible readings for the next week

PARENTS: our goal in March has been to introduce Jesus as the promised deliverer who gave himself to save us from our sins. Having explored the Old Testament fingerprint, how Jesus “went about doing good” as the Son of Man, and the meaning of his death as the Lamb of God, the goal of this weekend’s session is to rejoice in and grasp the implications of his triumphant resurrection from the dead–the ultimate proof that he is the Son of God.


See you then!

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