March 29 Prayer Requests

  • Windy Cagle’s parents; her father tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and her mother already deals with COPD.
  • Greg and Marsha Powell’s youngest daughter, Hayley: she is a NACU nurse at UK Hospital in Lexington and a Type 1 diabetic, which places her at higher risk for the COVID-19 virus.
  • Janet Hendricks has been moved to Brian and Donna Holder’s home until the virus is under control.
  • Bonnie Lamb: grieving the passing of her sister.
  • Sue Winsatt’s brother, David, has been having some really bad days with his health.
  • Yvonne Jones could use some cheering up. She is allowed out of her room on a limited basis, but no visitors are allowed. She can receive mail (held for 3 days after arrival) at 1 Silvercrest Drive, Room 315, New Albany, IN 47150. She can also receive calls at (812) 670-2053.
  • Sam Jeffers is continuing to recover from his recent health difficulties; unfortunately, he is currently not allowed to go to his doctor for follow-ups.
  • Allen Stoner, cousin of Jill Yount, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • Tony Yeker, Debbie’s husband: recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • Steve Orthober is continuing to recover from recent heart trouble.
  • The many who are continuing to work in essential public jobs throughout our community.