Prayer Dashboard

In Sunday morning’s sermon, we were encouraged to pray very specifically this week:

  • Sunday: Pray for your
 own heart
  • Monday: Pray for the sick of our church family
  • Tuesday: Pray for our world
  • Wednesday: Pray for our
  • Thursday: Pray for our community
  • Friday: Pray for the future 
of our church family
  • Saturday: Pray for your enemies

When you pray, please remember…

  • Josh & Mary Kay Crase: married yesterday
  • Randy Wolfe: surgery tomorrow to address skin cancer
  • Betty Chastain: recovering at home, but on full-time oxygen
  • Teresa Evaline: recovering at home from recent hospitalization
  • Lois Ables: health continues to decline; no visitors, please
  • Mike & Colleen Jeffers: recovering from COVID-19
  • Doris Chittick: recovering from COVID-19
  • Brad Winsatt: recovering from a recent fall
  • Jill Haub: recovering from a pseudocyst on her pancreas
  • Brian Holder: recovering from knee replacement surgery
  • Mike Wray: recovering from a fall that fractured his ankle
  • Savannah Pulliam: battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Phyllis Harris, grandmother of Shelly Hardin & Brooke Cummins: had a serious stroke early Sunday morning
  • Rick & Jane Page’s daughter, Starla: receiving treatments for ongoing chest pain and shortness of breath
  • Ramona Kirchgessner’s sister, Carol: battling lung cancer
  • Marlana Skaggs’ sister-in-law, Cheryl: battling lung cancer
  • Carolyn Frazier’s stepdaughter, Marita: battling cancer
  • Pregnancies: Bailey Richardson (October)

Those with ongoing health difficulties:

  • David Ables
  • Lois Ables
  • Charlene Adamson
  • Carl & Nancy Blacketer
  • Debbie Bratcher
  • Betty Chastain
  • Doris Chittick
  • Billie Dewhirst
  • Teresa Evaline
  • Yvonne Jones
  • Bob & Marge McElwain
  • Steve Orthober
  • Debby Ricketson