Sunday, February 28 Announcements

IMPORTANT Update for March:

We’re excited to share that, Lord willing, the plan is to reintroduce two in-person gatherings in March.

  • THIS Wednesday, March 3 (7:00 PM), all ages are invited to begin regathering in-person in the Auditorium. Throughout the month of March, Roger will conclude his Rise & Build: Reflections From the Joseph Story class. A livestream will also be available.
  • NEXT Sunday, March 7, the plan is to reintroduce our Sunday evening (5:00 PM) in-person assemblies, which will also be livestreamed.

What About In-Person Children’s Bible Classes?

Our shepherds continue to carefully monitor and prayerfully evaluate the path forward. The tentative plan is to restart in-person Bible classes for all ages on Sunday, April 4—the natural beginning point of the typical Spring quarter. Please stayed tuned in the coming weeks for further developments.

We continue to see positive signs of recovery every week. Please continue to pray for our church family, our shepherds, our deacons, and our community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our shepherds.

This weekend’s Bible classes:

When you pray, please remember…

  • Jim Mercer: battling COVID-19 in Clark Memorial Hospital
  • Gary Carroll: scheduled for Tuesday surgery on a bicep and rotator cuff
  • Ed Snyder: scheduled for Wednesday knee replacement surgery
  • Barbara Carter: has been moved to Harrison Springs in Corydon; doctors believe she is facing very serious health concerns; the family should learn more on Monday
  • Richard & Doris Chittick: Richard continues to be treated in the cardiovascular unit for a variety of issues; Doris is unable to be at the hospital with him and is having a very difficult time; cards and phone calls would be encouraging to her
  • Tracy Crase’s mother, Margaret: recovering from a recent fall, but has remained in the hospital as doctors investigate some abnormal blood work
  • Donna Holder: continuing a very difficult recovery from COVID-19; has had a recent tough time after receiving her first round of vaccination
  • Pregnancies: Elly Berthold (May)

Those with ongoing health difficulties:

  • David Ables
  • Lois Ables
  • Charlene Adamson
  • Carl Blacketer
  • Debbie Bratcher
  • Richard & Dorris Chittick
  • Teresa Evaline
  • Yvonne Jones
  • Steve Orthober
  • Debby Ricketson


  • For those unable to join our in-person assembly, contributions can be mailed to the church building: 4601 Charlestown Road, New Albany, Indiana 47150