Sunday, March 7 Announcements

IMPORTANT Update for March:

Remember that THIS EVENING we are reintroducing our Sunday evening (5:00 PM) in-person assemblies. Jason’s sermon: A Great Victory in a Field of Beans.

This weekend’s Bible classes:

When you pray, please remember…

  • Lee & Wendy Quinn: announced their upcoming move to Tampa, FL; Lee also stepped down from serving as a shepherd this morning
  • Gracie Krouse: baptized by her grandfather, Dallas Fletcher, on Monday
  • Barbara Carter: has been diagnosed with Stage-4 lung cancer; being cared for at Harrison Springs in Corydon
  • Randy Wolfe Sr.: consulting with a surgeon to address a cancerous spot on his lip in the near future
  • Becki & Kayla Nifong: battling COVID-19
  • Gary Carroll: recovering from bicep and rotator cuff surgery
  • Richard & Doris Chittick: Richard continues to be treated in the hospital for pneumonia; Doris is unable to be at the hospital with him and is having a very difficult time; cards and phone calls would be encouraging to her
  • Tracy Crase’s mother, Margaret: recovering from a recent fall; undergoing rehab at Autumn Woods
  • Pregnancies: Elly Berthold (May)

Those with ongoing health difficulties:

  • David Ables
  • Lois Ables
  • Charlene Adamson
  • Carl Blacketer
  • Debbie Bratcher
  • Richard & Dorris Chittick
  • Teresa Evaline
  • Yvonne Jones
  • Steve Orthober
  • Debby Ricketson


  • For those unable to join our in-person assembly, contributions can be mailed to the church building: 4601 Charlestown Road, New Albany, Indiana 47150