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Jump Start # 2856

Jump Start # 2856

John 18:2 “Now Judas also, who was betraying Him, knew the place; for Jesus had often met there with His disciples.”

  Judas was coming with a band of soldiers to arrest Jesus. What is interesting is that Judas “knew the place.” When Judas left Jesus, the Lord was in Jerusalem. Now, some time later, the Lord is in the garden outside the city. Judas left, but he knew where to find Jesus. He knew, because Jesus had often gone to the garden. Predictable. Habits. Customs. Nothing wrong with those things. A lot of us have similar things. Our families know where to find us on a Sunday morning, sitting in the church building worshipping. Many sit in the same pew every time. Nothing wrong with that. Many of us will say a prayer before we eat. Get some people together and there is that awkward moment waiting for someone to say the prayer. No one dares take a bite until the prayer is offered. Nothing wrong with that.

  Judas went looking for Jesus. He knew where to find Him. That’s an interesting thought. Where might we find Jesus today? If we went looking for Him, where would we find Him?

  First, Jesus would be found in the pages of the Bible. Your Bible is not Jesus. It’s the story of Jesus. But through those pages, we come to know Him, love Him, believe in Him and desire to follow Him. Some might say, you find the Lord in nature. But if you look at a green leaf, it’s not going to tell you much about Jesus. You might see a design. You might reflect upon the color. But that leaf will not tell you the Lord’s name, His mission, or what He wants from you. If you want to find Jesus, go to the Bible. That Bible will bring Jesus alive in your heart.

  Second, Jesus would be found in the hearts of His disciples. We are His disciples, we who believe, obey and follow the Lord. And, what people would see is goodness, kindness, service and forgiveness. Those very qualities come from the Lord. People who go out of their way to help others. People who have been hurt, but carry on. People who love to talk about the Lord. People who teach God’s wonderful word. Where are you going to find Jesus? You’ll find Jesus in His disciples.

  Third, Jesus would be found in pure N.T. worship. God loves for His people to gather together in praise and fellowship. Good things come out of our times together. God is honored. God is the central focus. Prayers going upward to God. Hymns that honor God. And, a worship that reflects the desires of the Lord. Worship helps remind us that we need God. Worship instructs us and builds faith. Worship has a way of getting our order back in order. Worship reminds us that we are not the center of the universe and that God and then others are more important to us. One can drag into the worship building on Sunday, tired, stressed, worried and just not doing so well. But an hour with God’s people, the singing, the heartfelt prayers, the passionate preaching and the driest, most discouraged spirit can be lifted upward. Our hearts soar to Heaven as we honor the Lord. We leave in such a better condition and state of mind than when we came. Want to find Jesus? Look for Him in Biblical based worship.

  Fourth, Jesus would be found in Heaven. That’s where He is, reigning. He’s not gone into retirement. He’s busy, very busy. He’s been to our world. He’s experienced what we deal with every day. He was hungry. He was tired. He had to deal with bugs, people, and problems. He was tempted. He was challenged. He was surrounded with toxic people. Yes, He’s been here. And, He was the best who has been here. And, someday, He is wanting you to spend forever with Him in His home—Heaven. And, there in Heaven, we won’t be bothered with bugs, toxic people or temptation. And, there we shall see the face of God. And, there we will always be.

  Judas knew just where Jesus was. He knew the place. We too, know where Jesus can be found. There are times in your life that you will be looking for Jesus. There will be times when the walls around you seem to be caving in. There will be times when you seem all alone. There will be times when the sorrows of death seem to be more than you can handle. There will be times when friends do not understand and family is just too busy. There will be times when you need to find Jesus. You need Jesus close to you.

  I need Thee every hour…more than a hymn, it’s a standard of life.