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Jump Start # 3373

Mark 5:41 “And taking the child by the hand, He said to her, ‘Talitha Kum!’ (which translated means, ‘Little girl, I say to you arise’).”

  Our verse comes from the raising of Jairus’ twelve year old daughter. She was dying. Her father, a synagogue official, came to Jesus and before others, bowed. That took immense courage and faith. Most synagogue officials didn’t like Jesus. They didn’t like Jesus healing on the Sabbath day. But, for Jairus, he no longer cared about status, reputation, or what others thought or said. His daughter was dying and Jesus was his only hope.

  And, as the story unfolds, Jesus is hurrying on to Jarius’ home when a woman with an issue of blood touches the Lord. She is healed. A conversation takes place. And, then word comes, the little girl has died. Jesus was too late. All hope is gone. Tears fill the air. A crushed father is helpless. The Lord says, “Believe.” On to the home they go. Everyone is ordered out except for the parents and three of the disciples. This is where our verse is found. She opens her eyes. There is Jesus.

  Nothing is said about what she saw on the other side. Today, I thought about Jimi Barber. He was executed by the state of Alabama for his crimes he committed. Forgiven, there are still consequences. Executed, yet saved by the blood of Jesus. He was Heaven bound. Young in faith, Jimi had the hopes of Heaven. He closed his eyes here and opened them on the other side. What he must be seeing today. What joy and love he must be experiencing today.

  My dear friend, Chuck Durham came and spoke to our congregation recently in our summer series. I told Chuck about Jimi. Showed him a letter that Jimi had written to the church. Chuck immediately connected to Jimi, like I have. I want to share with you the wonderful words that Chuck wrote to Jimi.

  “I sit here crying tears. Tears of joy and of sadness. Jimi helped me today to renew vigor. To think better. To want Heaven more.

  The tears of joy are for his words: ‘They can’t take Heaven from me.’ There will be two on the other side waiting for him. The Lord who will stand by the throne when the chemicals start flowing into his veins. And a thief…a thief who knows what true grace and mercy look like when everything has failed.

  The tears of sadness are for me who walks around in freedom and yet has let the trials of life, the pettiness of brethren’s actions…let myself be dragged down. I have been in prison. Jimi helped set my mind free. Really…Jimi’s Lord and mine freed us.

  John the baptist heard the boots of soldiers coming for him. He never let himself be offended because of his Lord and therefore was blessed.

  They took Paul outside Rome, to a place of execution. As he bowed his head to receive the blow…struck down, but not destroyed…he knew the Lord held a crown to place upon his head saying: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter into the joys of your Lord!’

  And when the weight of all the sins of mankind wracked His mortal body; when He and the Father were ready…He dismissed His mortal life with a shout, a cry to all of Heaven and the depths of Hades…’It is finished!’ – and bowing His head that His spirit might be received into His Father’s hands—the legions of angels looking down from Heaven riveted with attention– all was made right, restored, set free, given life abundantly.

  Thank you, Jimi! That you for renewing my desire for Heaven! I will pray this day and that day for you. Please pray for me.

  The sweetest words of all– Brother! You are my brother!”

 Signed,  Chuck Durham

  Jimi’s last words he wrote to me were, “On July 21st I will be in a better place. Don’t be sad or hang your heads down. No. Look up, because when I get there I’m going to leave a light on for you all. I love you so much.

  Signed, Jimi.

  Jairus’ daughter opened her eyes and there was Jesus. She opened her eyes and I expect she saw a smiling Jesus looking right into her eyes.

  Someday soon, we will close our eyes here for the last time. When we open them, we will see the face of Jesus, smiling, welcoming us to Him. Heaven holds all to me!

  God is good.