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“Who Is Master Over Us?”

The Bible’s message is plain: the One who created and sustains us is our master. When we carelessly forget, willfully ignore, or arrogantly reject God, life does not improve.

Consider the brief testimony of Psalm 12. As people created in God’s image turn away from their Creator, what happens? The wicked prowl. Vileness is exalted. Lies are told. Double hearts fuel flattering lips. The poor are plundered. The needy are made to groan. And what is the root of this sad swirl of unrighteousness? It can all be traced back to this fundamental question: “Who is master over us?” (12:4). When we ignore the Bible’s answer and boastfully act as if we are our own, life does not improve. Relationships are damaged. Strangers suffer. We cut our own selves off from the Source of life, joy, and hope.

But in the middle of the ugliness documented in Psalm 12 is a simple reminder worth carrying with you this week.

The words of the LORD are pure words,
like silver refined in a furnace on the ground,
purified seven times. (12:6)

In an impure world, God’s words are pure. Let’s focus on them today. Let’s fuel-up our hearts by singing them and meditating on them together. Let’s receive them with open Bibles and eager hearts. Let’s speak them in love to each other. Let’s use them to comfort the weary, strengthen the weak, and heal the broken.

There are plenty of things we can’t undo and situations we won’t be able to change this week. But we can remind ourselves on this, the Lord’s day, who the master truly is. We can resolve to practice and abide in his words, doing justice, loving kindness, walking humbly with our God, trusting that his way is the way.

He is the master. His words are pure. Let’s rejoice in them and him today.