Daily Bible Reading Reflections

A Five-Pronged Anchor for Your Week

In 1 Samuel 17, Israel had lost sight of five fundamental truths. Big deal? Without these truths, a Philistine giant seemed unconquerable. Great fear and dismay, inevitable. Their outlook? Hopeless.

It took a “youth,” the easily overlooked runt of his family, to remind Abraham’s descendants. There are five vital truths that make all the difference, then and now:

  1. There is a God (17:46)
  2. He is alive (17:36)
  3. He is the LORD who reigns over heaven and earth (17:45)
  4. He saves, but not with sword and spear (17:47)
  5. The battle belongs to him (17:47)

We would do well to anchor ourselves to those bedrock truths this week.