Daily Bible Reading Reflections

God of My Praise

Today’s Bible reading is Psalm 109, a psalm of David.

Be not silent, O God of my praise!

This is David’s plea in the first line of Psalm 109. “God of my praise.” There’s a significant difference between that sentiment and:

  • God of my wishes, as if the LORD were a wish-granting genie in a bottle
  • God of my wants, as if the Almighty were a cosmic vending-machine
  • God of my needs, as if the Everlasting God were simply an ambulance to be called in times of trouble
  • God of my demands, as if the I AM could be summoned like a divine butler

Does God want to hear from us? Absolutely. Is he capable of intervening on our behalf? Most certainly. Is he willing and able to save us? Without a doubt.

But he desires and deserves to be the object of our daily adoration, not simply a worst-case-scenario SOS button when we don’t know what else to do. Don’t treat him as your last resort. Walk with him, serve him, magnify him as “the God of your praise,” and he’ll take care of the rest.

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