Daily Bible Reading Reflections

Beginning this Week with Tender Hearts

Today’s Bible reading is 2 Chronicles 34 and Colossians 4.

“…because your heart was tender and you humbled yourself before God when you heard his words…I also have heard you, declares the LORD.” (2 Chron 34:27)

Josiah was 26-years-old. He lived during a dark time in Judah’s history. His father, King Amon, “incurred guilt more and more.” Amon was eventually assassinated by his own servants and Josiah–the royal heir–was crowned at the age of 8. It’s not hard to imagine how things could have gone even further downhill, and fast.

But, 18 years later, Josiah was showing himself to be a better man than his father and so many of the former kings in his family tree. When Josiah heard God’s words, his heart was tender and he humbled himself before his Creator. The LORD’s response? “Because you heard me, I also have heard you.”

Centuries later, things really aren’t all that much more complicated, are they? We heard God’s words yesterday. Are our hearts tender and humble today? Eager to follow? Ready to shine? Looking to make a difference for the good of others and the glory of our King?

Because Josiah’s heart was tender to God’s words and he was willing to humble himself before God, God heard Josiah’s prayers. This young king led his people in a season of revival. “All his days they did not turn away from following the LORD, the God of their fathers” (2 Chron 34:33).

I’m not a king and you don’t live in ancient Judah, but centuries later, things really aren’t all that much more complicated. We heard God’s words yesterday. Let’s keep listening with receptive hearts today and tomorrow. If we will humble ourselves before him this week, the God of Josiah has promised to hear our prayers and lead us as a good Shepherd to himself.