In Christ I Will Not Lose

by Matthew Bassford

* NOTE from Jason: Matthew preaches in Columbia, Tennessee and is the author of several hymns we sing—Exalted, Be Strong and Courageous to name a couple. Matthew shared last week that he has been diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. A few
days later, he wrote this short reflection…

As I contemplate my future, one of the most unpleasant prospects is that of developing frontotemporal dementia. In my family, FTD and ALS are genetically linked. My mother had both. I do not know whether I will be spared.

However, as awful as FTD is, my trust is in the One whose power is greater than any illness. As of now, there is no medication that will slow its inexorable march, but I am confident that any victory that it wins over me will be temporary only. For me, as for any Christian afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, I know these things to be true:

  • In Christ I will not lose my memories. Jesus knew His friends and loved ones after His resurrection, and I will be raised like Him.
  • In Christ I will not lose my personality. He who is able to restore the martyrs from scattered ashes will be able to restore it too.
  • In Christ I will not lose my relationships. Heaven is a place of greater fellowship, not lesser.
  • In Christ I will not lose my mind. I know I will have it because it is impossible to love God fully without it.
  • In Christ I will not lose my joy. At His right hand there are pleasures forever.
  • In Christ I will not lose my life. It is hidden in Him.