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Jump Start # 2188

Jump Start # 2188

1 Timothy 2:13 “For it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression.”

Our verse today is not one that is talked about very much. It is found in a section that defines the role of women in God’s kingdom. They were not to teach or exercise authority over a man. This has nothing to do with intelligence, power, or, one be better than the other. It does have to do with order. God always has order. There is order in the universe. There is order in the family. There is order in the kingdom.

Modern thinkers want to dismiss all of this as a cultural thing of the past and not relevant today. Times change, we are told, and with that, moderns demand a change with what the Bible says. The problem with modern thinking is that it’s often not Biblical. God’s word transcends all cultures. And, which culture are we to follow? American? In many foreign countries today, women do not have the freedoms and rights that they have here. So, just which culture are we to follow, or are we to assume that the Bible in the Middle East is different than the Bible in America? And, what it truly escapes the notice of moderns is how liberating, free and open Christ was with women. Before Jesus came to earth, Greeks, such as Plato, claimed that males were created by the gods. Those who lived righteously became stars in the heavens. Those that lived unworthy lives, became women. The world into which Jesus came wasn’t very favorable for women. The word of a woman didn’t count in court. A woman could not hold public office. At the death of her husband, all material possessions went to the sons, and not the surviving wife.

But with the Gospels, we see dramatic changes. Women are included in the genealogy of Jesus. Women financed Jesus’ ministry. A woman anointed Jesus. Many of the miracles involved women. Husbands and wives were considered joint-heirs spiritually. And, at the resurrection of Jesus, the first to witness Jesus were women.

Our verse tells us that Adam was not deceived. Eve was. There is a distinction being made. The serpent spoke to Eve, not Adam. It was Eve who had a conversation with Satan, not Adam. It was Eve who was confused and tricked by Satan. So, if Eve was deceived, what do we say about Adam? If he wasn’t deceived, what was he? He went along. He rebelled. He walked into this with his eyes open and he sinned. Interestingly, after the sin, God speaks to Adam. The text of Genesis, where this is first found, states, “she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate” (Gen 3:6). It sounds as if Adam was right there with Eve. The impression we often have is that Eve was alone. Satan got to her. She ate and then she walked and found Adam, and then he ate. That’s the concept of the pictures. You see the serpent with Eve and Adam is no where in sight.

The NIV and ESV both state, “She also gave some to her husband, who was with her.” Adam was with her? Adam was there. Is this the reason why God speaks to Adam?

Where was Adam’s voice? Why did he not speak up and take charge? Why was he passive in all of this? Why did he follow along with Eve? Eve was deceived, but Adam went along with it. Eve was created to help Adam. She was to be a help meet for him. Instead of helping him, she encourages him to do wrong. And, with this we find a common failure in homes throughout history and today. Being the head of the house, as God places upon man, does not mean you pick out the restaurant that you want to eat at, and you get to pick out which movie to watch. It means you lead. It means you put a stake in the ground for God. It means your voice needs to be heard. When someone is deceiving the family, it is your role to clear the fog.

Now consider an imaginary conversation taking place in the Garden of Eden. The serpent is twisting things and confusing Eve. He presents the picture that you can be just like God. He states that God has been holding out and holding back on you. He’s not as good as you think He is. In fact, He’s wrong. You won’t die. He’s told you a lie. And, about this time, Adam raises his voice. He steps between the serpent and Eve. He asks Eve, “Who created us and who put us in this perfect world?” He reminds her, has God ever lied to us before? Hasn’t he been good to us? Then, Adam turns to the serpent and says, “What has this creature ever done for us? He’s not blessed us. He’s not been around for us. He’s not been good to us. We have no reason to not believe God, and, we have no reason to believe this creature. God allows us to eat from every tree but one. We are not without. We are not starving. God is good to us.” About that time, the fog lifts, and Eve says, “You’re right, Adam. That ole’ serpent twisted things and confused me.” And, hand in hand, Adam and Eve, turn and walk away from the forbidden tree and the lying tongue of the serpent.

Leadership. Headship. Those things were missing for Adam. He followed Eve. He allowed her deception to lead him into disobedience. What’s missing in many homes today is someone with a clear vision who can see through all the smoke and lies that Satan puts forth and someone who has the nerve to speak out and stand with God.

In too many homes today, the husband doesn’t even come to worship. All spiritual guidance must come through the mother. The dad is AWOL when it comes to spiritual guidance. He goes along with anything or nothing. Just give him his ballgames and a quiet evening, and he really doesn’t care. That lack of leadership hurts the family. The kids often grow up weak and away from the Lord, as the wife cannot be as strong as she would like, because her spiritually dead husband doesn’t want her going to church services that much. The kids grow and pick people of the world to marry, many who stand in the same shadows of dad spiritually. They know nothing about the Bible and have no interests in God. Could some of this been prevented? Could the picture been different? Maybe, if dad lead the family spiritually.

Adam wasn’t deceived. That’s not a compliment. That’s nothing to hang your hat on. He said nothing. He did nothing. He allowed what happened to happen. Grow a backbone, Adam. Speak your piece, Adam. Put your foot down, Adam. Do something, Adam. Rather, you took a bite right along with Eve. She was confused and you, Adam, were weak. You didn’t lead, Adam. You let Eve down, Adam. It was your role to lead her to God and you allowed her to leave God. And, worse, you went along with her.

And the Adams today, must learn from this. Don’t let your daughter out of the house if she is immodest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding, or special occasion. Mom may declare, “It’s fashionable.” Dad, get a backbone and lead. Don’t allow your child to date someone that you have real suspicion about. If you see red flags, get a backbone, Dad, and say something. Your child in college isn’t going to worship. He’s studying all the time. Get a backbone, Dad, and say something.

Adam knew. God’s words were simply, plain and specific. Adam simply didn’t have a backbone. It’s time we men started growing some, and took on the role of leading our homes to Heaven as God designed. Stop going along with wrong. Stop trying to reason with Satan. Stop listening to serpents. Walk with God.


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