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Jump Start # 2538

Jump Start # 2538

Romans 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

There has been a lot of reports recently about UFO’s and pilots sighting fast moving unusual objects. Now, a group of scientists are claiming that they not only believe that aliens have visited earth, but that some are among us right now and we don’t realize it. If you had visited my high school class years ago, you might agree. There were some odd people, but they weren’t aliens.

There is a growing and growing segment of society that believes more in the existence of aliens than they do in God. They think God is a myth, but creatures from outer space is very plausible. And, that brings us to our verse today.

Paul was writing to the Roman church. The first chapter addresses the state of the Gentiles. They were living like animals. Decency and rightness was completely missing from their lives. The Gentiles did not have Moses, the Ten Commandments, the promise land, the temple or the prophecies about the coming Messiah. However, as our verse states, they were not left out in the dark. God revealed Himself, not just to the sons of Jacob, but to the whole creation. And, this wasn’t something new. This revelation has been ongoing since the creation. Since day one, God has been showing proof that He is.

Now, some thoughts:

First, the visible points us to the invisible. What has been made shows us God’s power, His nature and His attributes. Those attributes are “invisible.” However, they are known through what was made. The created world is the proof. What a large world we live in. What a complex world we live in. There are so many systems that interact with each other. Weather and soil and farming. Weather, our bodies, and how we feel. What is grown is eaten and that gives us the nourishment to thrive. In school, we learned about the food chain. Disney has a song about the circle of life. All of this points to God. Colors. Textures. Sounds. Smells. Tastes. So diverse. So complex. So much God.

The same scientists that wants us to believe that aliens are walking among us, deny the existence of God and would say time and chance has produced this complex system that we call life. There is no evidence of aliens, especially on earth. The evidence of God is everywhere. Open your eyes and see. The fact that there is a today, is proof of God. Each day is a gift, a gift given by God.

Second, these attributes of God can be understood. They can be understood without a book, without a classroom. They are understood by seeing what was made. The nature of God– holy, eternal, righteous, good, merciful. One can understand that. The power of God, one can understand that. The attributes of God, one can understand that. God is not hidden. God is not playing hide and seek with us. God is not unknown. I can know what God is like. He wants me to know Him.

Third, the world is without excuse. It’s not for a lack of evidence that folks do not know God. The problem is not with God, but with us. There is no desire to know God. Folks aren’t looking for Him. They have the wrong idea about God. Some think God is out to get them. They ought to look around at the goodness of creation and realize that comes from a good God. If there is a God, and He made us, which is all true, then you and I are accountable to Him. We don’t get away with doing whatever we want. We must answer to Him. And, if His nature is revealed through the creation, His will is revealed through His word. That means we need to read our Bibles. We need to know what God is saying.

And, again, from the passage, we are without excuse. In these days, not having a Bible is a matter of choice. It is not an availability issue. God’s word is not locked securely in a vault. Nearly every tablet and every phone can have multiple versions of the Bible, if one wants that. The Bible is recorded and one can listened to it, if that is your choice. Every size, every color, so many translations, so many options. The Bible is affordable, available, and readable. It’s in nearly every known language on the planet. We are without excuse. Too busy to read. Too tired to read. Got “more important” things to do. And, the word of God rings loudly and clearly, “You are Without excuse.”

Aliens or God? Where’s the proof? Where’s the evidence? Some folks can be so smart that they are actually dumb. Right before their noses is all kinds of reasons to believe in God. They will ignore that and spend a lifetime chasing the idea that aliens exist. And, what if they did? Aliens can’t save us. Aliens don’t have the answers to life. Aliens didn’t create us. Aliens won’t take us to Heaven. I don’t believe in aliens. I don’t believe in flying saucers. I do believe in God. I do believe He has left a trail of evidence everywhere. I do believe He wants me to know Him, trust Him, and follow Him.

How about you? Aliens or God? Speculation or proof? The words of scientists or the words of Heaven? What you believe becomes the basis of your choices. Your outlook on life is based upon what you believe. Selfishness and sin are common when one does not believe in God. Respect, decency, and goodness follows those who believe in God.

Your choices in life are wrapped around your belief system. No God? No problem, except this is it. Except we are on our own. Except this is as good as it will ever get. Except there is no hope and no redeemer. Except there is no Heaven.

Believe in God. The reasons are all around you every day.