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Jump Start # 2600

Jump Start # 2600

2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”

NOTICE: Monday is a holiday so there will be no Jump Start.

This Jump Start reaches yet another milestone, number 2600. Who would have thought. Another milestone also reached is our readership. It is at an all time high. Both of these are amazing to me personally and I am glad through this medium we can connect, touch, encourage and help one another. Thank you for all the kind words you have sent. Several have said, “we have never met, but I feel like I know you through your writings.” That’s special and I do hope we can meet on this side as well as on the other side.

Our verse today identifies legacy, passing the baton. Paul taught Timothy. Timothy was to teach others. The others were to teach even more. And, this has been the model that still works from the first century. I was taught. I have taught others. There are others I taught who are out teaching more. In turn, those will teach others. We teach the doctrine of the Bible. We teach the principles. We teach the applications. We teach what passages mean. We bring Jesus alive in the hearts of others. We change the hearts of others. This, in turn, changes their eternal destination. This impacts their family.

Now, as in any area of life, a person needs to learn. It’s one thing to teach what the Bible says. But then that person needs to learn how to teach others. Training people to teach is a valuable visionary aspect of each congregation. Training men how to give lessons, preach and help others is something that is never a waste of time. As Paul wrote these words to Timothy, he knew his time was about up. Two chapters later he would reveal that the time of his departure had come. He was about to be executed. He wouldn’t be around. Timothy had been taught. Now, Timothy was teaching others. In time, Timothy would have to leave and it would be those others who would carry on. It has always been this way. The kingdom is much larger than any one of us. It will survive without us. But, it is up to us to pass that baton on.

Here are a few ways this can be done:

First, do some team teaching. Someone who is in the position of a Timothy, finds someone who has desire, ability and talent. Together they teach a class. The Timothy teaches most of the lessons and the other watches and learns from Timothy. Between classes, some follow up and tips and helps are given by Timothy. The next session of classes, Timothy teaches less and the other teaches more. Confidence, experience and ability begin taking shape. Now, the one Timothy trained is ready to take on classes all by himself. As he does this, Timothy looks for someone else to train.

Second, preachers can spend some time with men helping them prepare lessons for invitations and sermons. This doesn’t have to be a formal preacher training program, but sharing tips, advice and help. Show how to look at a passage. Explain the value of a few good books that explore words or the background settings to passages. Show them how to make an outline. Helping them, helps the church. Paul taught Timothy. Timothy taught others.

Often you see what happens when this isn’t done. A preacher leaves or dies. Suddenly nearly everything comes to a halt. No one knows how to teach a class very well. Preachers from other congregations are called to fill in because no one there knows how to give a decent sermon. That congregation relied upon the preacher but they never developed or trained others. Vision was lacking. There was no legacy plan established.

Third, nearly all of us who are active in teaching and preaching can look back to someone who took the time, was patient with us, and guided us and helped us. We stand upon the shoulders of those before us. We would not be here today had it not been for others who taught us and helped us. Those people in our lives are dear to us. They are our heroes. Now, it’s our turn to do the same for others. Passing that baton is important.

Now, this leads to the introduction of our latest book, “The Friday Five.” For the past couple of years we have posted on our website five simple statements, an outline you might say. They come out every Friday. They still do. Friday Fives is what we call them. These are not layered with passages, nor filled with thoughts. These are the bones, the skeleton upon which one can build lessons. These came from my sermons, articles, classes and things I have picked up here and there. This is a great beginning place for someone needing ideas to build an invitation or a sermon. It’s like a sermon seedling book. Here’s the ideas, now you must plant it and develop it. There are 126 short outlines or “Friday Fives” in this booklet. We offer this for free. It’s just one way this Timothy can help others.

If you would like a free copy of “Friday Five” email me (Rogshouse@aol.com) and please include your mailing address. “The Friday Five” is our 26th book that we have produced.