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Jump Start # 2642

Jump Start # 2642

Psalms 2:4 “He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.”

On Sundays, as our worship begins, we have a reading from the Psalms. This past Sunday it was from Psalms 2, where our verse today is found. “He who sits in the heavens laughs,” is our thought today. God laughs.

Does God have a sense of humor? Look at creation. There are certainly some strange looking bus, animals and some very unusual things. I’ve seen some massive rocks balanced on a very tiny rock. I wonder if God smiled when He did that. I’ve seen some clouds that were shaped into odd and even funny things. My wife thinks that angels are in charge of shaping clouds. Not sure she could prove that Biblically, but I like that thought. And, to be honest, some of us are rather funny looking. It’s like God was playing around with Mr. Potato Head when He gave us ears and noses. Some of us are stretched really tall. Others it looks like God pushed His hand down on them.

But our verse isn’t about things that are funny. The laughter here is a form of mocking or scoffing as the remainder of the verse states. God laughs at the plans of mankind. Man believes he is running things. Man thinks he can alter the plans of God. Man thinks he can do away with God. And, from Heaven, God laughs. How shallow, thoughtless and simple man’s plans are. We can’t change the ways of God. We cannot stop God. Centuries later, the wise rabbi Gamaliel understood this. In a discussion and debate about whether or not the apostles were of God, he said, “if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God.” He understood the big picture. This wasn’t a city counsel against the apostles. This wasn’t about an ordinance against preaching Christ. This involved the God of Heaven and earth. If, indeed, the apostles were Heaven sent, you and your rules and laws are fighting a no-win battle. You are fighting against God and you will not win. You can not fight God and win. He understood that.

The people at Shinar learned this. They planned to build a tower to reach the heavens. It was a tall building that they were planning. Their pride was taking them to Heaven itself. God had other plans. He changed their language and scattered the people. The Babel project was never finished. We can see God laughing at their plans.

Jesus’ parable about the rich farmer is yet another time when God might have laughed. That farmer had his future all mapped out. Bigger barns. Rest. Take life easy. All thought out. All planned. Everything in place. One detail he left out—God. That night God called the farmer’s life. He died. He died before new barns were built. He died before he could rest. He died before he could take life easy. He died before his plans got any feet and traction on them. He had it all figured out. This is what I will do. And, God laughed. You don’t control your life. You don’t make plans without inviting Me. You are not in the driver’s seat. God is.

God laughing. That’s a thought. Consider:

First, I can see God smiling when a little child says a prayer or sings a hymn. So cute. So innocent. I have a bunch of grandkids. Love to hear them pray at dinner time. Sometimes I’m not sure what they are saying. But then comes the big “Amen.” Sweet, little hearts, praying for their kitty cats, thanking the Lord for hotdogs, memaw and PJ (that’s me) and for Jesus. I smile. I like to think the Lord smiles.

Second, I can see the Lord smiling when a heart turns toward Him and wants to come home. The angels rejoice we are told when a sinner repents. I expect the angels aren’t the only ones rejoicing. I can see God so happy. One has come to believe in His Son. One has turned from his selfish, sinful ways to follow the Savior. This is what life is about. One wants to spend forever with the Lord in Heaven. So honest. So good. Faith changing a life. This has to make the Lord happy.

Third, I can see the Lord smiling when goodness prevails. A cup of cold water given to a disciple is not forgotten in Heaven. The five talent man was told, “well done, good and faithful.” His master was pleased. Hearts refreshed by encouragement, kind words, good deed are all the things that God wants us to do. Lifting that weary soul and breathing life back into his faith and hope is something that Heaven notices. Comforting those who mourn, helping those who are broken, being the Lord’s hands and feet is what brings Christianity alive. It’s what makes faith attractive. We are not saved by our works, but our works do not go unnoticed nor do they not move God. Well done, are the words that every disciple longs to hear from the Lord.

Fourth, to our verse, I can see God smiling, not in pleasure, but amazement at what some are doing. The man who has spent a lifetime in academic studies, proudly telling a room full of young college students that God doesn’t exist, having no proof, and closing his eyes to all the blessings around him. God must be amazed at how one can be so smart and yet so blind and dumb. Or, here is a council of politicians, and they are developing policy for a community. They want no reference to God in the community. And, how God laughs at them, because as they leave that building, the sun will be shinning on them, the wind will be blowing, the birds will be singing. God must think, ’You tried to outlaw Me,’ but My presence is in your face and all about you as you leave.

Finally, when I think about Jesus taking the lifeless hand of Jairus’ young daughter who had died, and telling her to arise, I see a smile. I see her eyes opening, and looking into the face of a smiling Jesus. I see the girl’s parents amazed, and happy beyond words. Such a sad, sad day has turned into one of the best days ever. And, I like to think when you and I close our eyes here for the last time and we open them on the other side, that we look into the smiling face of Jesus. I hope it is that way. Won’t that be wonderful!

And, God laughed.