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Jump Start # 2673

Jump Start # 2673

Proverbs 5:6 “She does not ponder the path of life; her ways are unstable, she does not know it.”

Our verse today is found among advice and warnings. It’s a dad talking to his son. There are dangers that the young, naïve and inexperienced son does not know about. Dad does. He’s seen it. He’s seen the carnage it has caused. And, dad’s words are about certain people. Some people you just need to stay away from. Not everyone is nice, as they are on Sesame Street and not every gets along as they do in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. There are some people that have the intention of hurting others. There are some people that conversations will not be heard, the golden rule does not mean anything, and doing what is right has no place in their hearts. Some are just wicked. And, the best thing to do is stay away from them.

Here in this chapter, it’s not a street gang, it’s not drug pushers but rather, the adulteress woman that dad warns his son about. There are three chapters devoted to this topic. It’s real. It was a problem then and it’s a problem today. Throughout this chapter, you can just hear the earnestness of this father pleading with his son:

  • My sons, listen to me (7)
  • Keep your way far from her (8)
  • Do not go near the door of her house (8)

The dad reveals that she is deceitful and deceptive. Her words drip like honey, but they are not honey. Her steps lead to death and she’ll take you with her. She will ruin you and destroy you. And, those words are so true. How many marriages have crashed on the rocks of adultery. How many have walked away from the Lord to embrace sin. How many children have grown up in a broken home.

Our verse today is about this woman. Not only is she ruining the lives of others, but she has ruined her own life. She doesn’t even realize it. “She does not ponder the path of life.” “Her ways are unstable, she does not know it.” She doesn’t have a clue where she is headed. Her thoughts are only about today and pleasure. Her choices have put her on a path and it’s not a good path. She is not following the steps of the Lord. She is not allowing the Lord to lead her. Her path, as easy, and fun, and enjoyable as it may seem, goes over a hill and into the face of death itself. There is no escaping. She is clueless. She doesn’t even realize where she is headed. She is unstable and doesn’t know it. She doesn’t ponder the path of life.

That expression, “ponder the path of life” certainly brings thoughts to our minds:

First, this reminds us that a person needs to observe, contemplate and take careful thought of his actions. We are all on a path. The foolish man at the end of the Lord’s sermon, chose to build upon the sand. Likely, close to the sea, which gave him a great view. Cheaper, faster and easier to build on sand than through heavy rock. All was going to be great. That was the path he chose. He never figured into his calculations the costs that comes with storms. Likewise, the young prodigal, had his eyes set on fun without rules. It was going to be great. He never considered what would happen if the money ran out. He never counted on a famine. His eyes were just a few paces in front of his feet. He never looked down the road.

Decisions and choices always take us somewhere. The direction of our lives is based upon the choices that we make. When one never gives that any thought, they will end up deep in the forest of misery, sin, and trouble and have no way of knowing how to get out.

Second, to ponder is to hit the pause button. We need that. We need to ponder what we are about to say before we say it. Some thoughts should never be expressed. Some words need to be toned down and polished up a bit. Some things will tarnish our reputation and will be hard to overcome. In recent times, how many newscasters, sport analysts have lost their jobs because they said things that they should not have. Certainly they apologize, but many have seen their careers end. It ended much sooner than they were planning. They spoke without pondering what to say. So, to ponder, is to think things through. Maybe I need to find a better word to express how I feel. Maybe I ought to calm down before I speak. Maybe I’m letting my emotions get the best of me. Ponder. Think it through. It’s much easier to stop the words before you say them than it is to clean up the mess you caused by speaking without thinking.

Third, to ponder the path of life may lead to some real changes in life. If a person was honest, with an open Bible in their hand, they may just see that their choices in life are taking them away from the Lord. Sure, they may be surrounded by friends and having a time of their lives, but where does this end up. This is the context of our passage today. This is why a dad was warning his son. Some sweet talking woman is going to get you dizzy with lust and before you know it you’ve crossed the out of bounds line and have gotten yourself into all kinds of sin and trouble. And, how many times does this happen and someone says, “I just wasn’t thinking.” And, that IS the point of this passage. Think. Ponder. This woman isn’t. And, are you going to follow her? She doesn’t know where she is going. Do you?

Satan loves to blind us to the consequences of life. But when a person ponders, they will likely make some real course adjustments. Walk a little closer to the Lord. Check that attitude more. Get back into the Bible more. Those things will cause one to switch paths and follow the Savior. God leads. The Shepherd leads by green pastures and quiet waters. Sticking close to Him will get us where we need to be.

Do you know where you are going? She didn’t. It’s time we did.