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Jump Start # 2742

Jump Start # 2742

Acts 22:6 “And it came about that as I was on my way, approaching Damascus about noontime, a very bright light suddenly flashed from Heaven all around me.”

Our verse is found in the context of Paul giving his defense in Jerusalem. He tells what happened years ago as he was on the Damascus road on his way to persecute more Christians. Jesus appeared in a vision. Paul couldn’t see. But then, he did see, spiritually. He came to understand who Jesus was. He was baptized and he spent the rest of his life proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

And, what follows are a series of four questions. Great questions in the context. Great questions to ask family and friends. Let’s take a look at these four questions.

First question: Why are you persecuting Me (v. 7)? We’d ask, “why are you doing what you doing?” Why are you living the way you are living? Why are you thinking the way you think? Many people don’t know. They are just doing what everyone else is doing. Many haven’t put much thought behind that. Many don’t think that deeply. Just getting through today in one piece is all that they are about. However, they never realize that’s what they did yesterday. And, likely, that’s what they will do tomorrow. Those days add up quickly to be a week, then a month, then a year. Before you know it, that becomes a lifetime. This is why many are at retirement age and they are broke. They haven’t put much thought into tomorrow. They haven’t anticipated a time when they wouldn’t be working. Living paycheck to paycheck works as long as those paychecks keep coming in. But once those paychecks stop, then reality hits.

Why are you talking the way you talk? Why are you thinking the way you think? Are you just repeating what you hear on TV and what you find on Facebook? Each person must give an account of himself before God. It begins with why are you doing what you do?

Second question: Who art Thou, Lord (v. 8)? Who is Jesus, that’s how we’d ask the question. Is He God? Is He good? Is He real? Is He alive today? Great questions to ask. Four years of liberal college may lead them to say that Jesus is make believe. To some he is no more real that Santa or the Easter Bunny. And, with that smug answer, they have removed any reason to be spiritual or obedient to God. But don’t settle for that. Where’s the proof? Historically, there are layers and layers of evidence that Jesus was real. And, what about that Bible? If Jesus isn’t real and if he is not God, what about all those pages in the Bible that says otherwise? What about the fulfillment of prophecy? What about the miracles? What about the sermons? And, greater than that, what about that Bible? Where did the Bible come from? If not God, then from whom? And, why isn’t there any other book even close to what the Bible is like? How does the Bible talk about things that were not known?

For many people, this gets too deep, too quickly and they just don’t want to think about those things. But who is Jesus? Great question.

Question Three: What shall I do, Lord (10)? What does God want you to do? Just be happy? Do whatever you feel like? Every person does their own thing in their own way? Is that what God wants? Would that work in a home? Would that work in a business? How would a person know what God wants him to do? Feelings? Or, could it be written down so it would be the same for every person, every where. Finding the answer to this question takes one to the Bible. There one sees the goodness of God and what God’s will is. There one comes to find what pleases God. One learns how a sinful and broken person can be right with God. One sees that Heaven is possible for all of us. God has been so patient and loving towards us. There is something that God wants you to do. What you have been doing, hasn’t worked. It’s time to find out what does work and that’s the way of God.

Question Four: Why do you delay (16)? What’s the holdup? If you understand that you need Christ in you life and that He can save you from your sins, why not take hold of that. Afraid of what others might think? Afraid that you can’t do it? Afraid that it will change you too much? Afraid that you won’t fit in? Don’t delay. Don’t stop forgiveness and grace from being a part of your life. Don’t stay in the wilderness of sin. The family of God longs for you to find what they have found. There is no better time than now.

Paul had to face those questions. Paul became obedient to the Lord and was baptized. Those same questions are ageless and timeless.

Four great questions. Four questions to ask others. Four questions that can make a difference.