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Jump Start # 2751

Jump Start # 2751

Psalms 8:3 “When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and stars, which You have set in place.”

A couple of weeks ago, just days before Christmas, there was a great alignment of two planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Many considered this the “Christmas Star.” It wasn’t what we read in the Scriptures, but it was a very rare event. I went out that cool night to look. From where we live, you could see the two tiny white spots in the sky becoming one as the alignment took place. It was said that this was the first time this has happened in 800 years. That would have been the year 1220. Can you imagine! This would have been at the start of the middle ages, pre-reformation movement, before Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The planets and this ole’ world continues on, but there sure has been a lot of changes in 800 years. Think about all those people who have lived in those 800 years. Think about all the inventions, changes and technology in those 800 years. Jupiter, Saturn and planet earth have continued on for all those years. And, 800 years ago, our Lord was still watching over this creation.

As exciting as the alignment of those planets were, there are other alignments that are more spectacular, and remarkable, but receiving very little notice and attention. Let’s consider some.

First, the alignment of our hearts to God’s. This comes through faith and the following of Scriptures. And, what happens to make this alignment just right, is that we move. We move our attitudes to line up with God. We move self out of the way and allow the Lord to be first in our lives. We move our opinions, our think-sos, our definitions, our goals, our behavior and align up with the Lord. And what happens is when one looks at the Bible, they see us. And, when they see us, they see the Bible. We mirror each other. We align.

Second, the alignment between a husband and wife. For this to happen, both move towards each other. One wants what the other wants. Together in mind. Together in purpose. More than roommates sharing a house, it is two separate lives that have become ONE. That “oneness” is an alignment of hearts, minds and purpose. The marriage does more than make each other happy, it glorifies the Lord.

Third, the alignment within a congregation. That concept is sprinkled throughout the N.T. Expressions such as one mind, one heart, one voice dominate the N.T. It is an alignment based upon Christ that brings opposites, such as Jews and Gentiles, masters and slaves into harmony and fellowship. One body. One goal. One purpose. And, when that alignment isn’t just right, things become blurry. Factions, divisions, hurt feelings, selfishness, lack of forgiveness and grace, keeps hearts from lining up. Stubbornness will prevent a person from moving the direction that he ought to. Tension fills the air. One can sense that things aren’t right.

Have you ever shard a pair of binoculars with someone? After they have looked through them, they hand them to you. As you look through them, things are a bit blurry. You have to make adjustments to the eye pieces to make everything clear for you. You are getting things aligned to your eyes. And, that’s just what we have to do with life.

The world has us looking at things a certain way. Our family has a way of looking at things. You hear things at work. You hear things on TV. You read things on the internet. So many different views, concepts and attitudes. And as we try to look at life through those lenses, things are not clear. They are blurry to us. It’s hard to see what others are seeing. Some things just do not make much sense to us. And, like those binoculars, you have to adjust the lenses. We adjust them according to the word of God. We are trying to see things as God sees them. What we quickly learn is that seeing clearly as the world does, makes things blurry with God. And, see things clearly with God, makes what the world sees blurry. Both aren’t clear. You can’t see both clearly. You can’t walk with the Lord and see things as God does. The world has no problem with unfit words, unkind attitudes, and ungodly behavior. What is clear with the world is not with God.

Alignment—it takes some moving on our parts to accomplish that. We must move towards God if we want an eternity with Him. The alignment of planets is fascinating, but a month later, it won’t mean that much to us. The alignment of our hearts to God will change our world for eternity.

Are you seeing things as God does? If not, it’s time to get aligned…