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Jump Start # 2762

Jump Start # 2762

Proverbs 15:3 “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, watching the evil and the good.”

This verse reminds me of the little song we teach children in Bible classes, “Be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above, is looking down in love.” God sees. His eyes are in every place.

So many valuable lessons for us here:

First, this reminds us that we are never alone. We may be by ourselves, yet God sees us. God is never far away. There is never a place that God cannot see us. What comfort and hope that ought to bring us. You can come home from a hard day at work and try to explain things to your spouse, but he or she often doesn’t get it. God does. His eyes are in every place.

Second, there are things that God sees that disappoints Him. We are made to honor God in our lives. Many do not do that. Day in and day out, they live for self and that much too often revolves are the things that are sinful and wrong. God sees. God watches the evil. We could do better but some don’t. God opens doors, sends blessings from Heaven and grants us ability and talent and too often those gifts from Heaven are only used to further rebellion and sinful lifestyles. This also reminds us that there is no getting away with murder, not with God. He sees. He knows. We can look this way and then that way and think the way is clear. But we fail to look up. God knows what you have done.

Third, God also sees the good that is done. There is no need to keep an accounting of that. There is no need to tell God. He already knows. He sees the good. Sometimes the good that is done is not followed with a thankyou. God knows. God knows what you are trying to do. God knows the prayers that you pray. He sees them and He hears them. God knows the hearts that you are trying to influence and teach. God knows the wrongs that you are trying to correct and make right. God knows the hours you pour into making things just right so you can do your best.

That thought helped me recently. Through this pandemic the number of hours that has been poured into make podcasts and videos as professional and teachable as possible has been off the charts. The days have been long. The weeks never seem to end. So much to do. Things are so different than what they used to be. And, there has been moments when I wonder if anyone realizes how many hours are being devoted to putting out quality material. It’s easy for the discouragement factor to creep in. It’s easy to think, all of this is not necessary. It’s easy to say, ‘No one else is doing all of this.’ But then, there stands our passage. God sees the good. He knows. No one else may understand, He does. No one else may even care, He does. And, it is to Him that all of this is being done.

Fourth, God sees you personally. He made you just the way you are. Special. Blessed. Gifted. Unique. Not only do you have one of a kind fingerprints, you also have only your talent, experience, background and opportunities. And, God sees what you have done with that. Some of us have come from a tough background , like Joseph. Others, have been slapped in the face, like Job was. Others have had to stand in the crossroads of what they thought was right and what is really right, like Paul did. Tough choices. Tough decisions. God saw. God knew.

God knows how hard you are trying. God knows what you have to deal with every day. Sometimes family and brethren do not understand, God does. God knows when our hearts are right and when we are hiding behind excuses and are trying to dodge responsibilities. God knows.

Because God sees, it ought to make praying to God much easier. We don’t have to try to explain things that He sees and is aware of. It ought to lead us to complain less and be more thankful.

God sees…I hope that I see that God sees.