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Jump Start # 2774

Jump Start # 2774

1 Peter 2:4 “And coming to Him as to a living stone which has been rejected by men, but is choice and precious in the sight of God”

Our verse today shows the great difference between how the world thinks and the way God sees things. Jesus Christ is the rock, the rock of ages. Upon this rock, He said, I will build my church. The wise man built his house upon the rock, is the way the sermon on the mount ends. The Ephesians were told that they were built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ was the corner stone.

Here Peter describes Jesus as a living stone. He is not a stationary rock. He is not a lifeless boulder. He is a living stone. The rock that sealed Him in His grave was moved and out came the triumphant Jesus Christ. Up from the grave He arose. He is a living rock. He is the foundation upon which we build our lives. He is the center of all things.

Now, here is the contrast. Jesus was rejected by men. A lot of inspection, detailed thought goes into choosing the corner stone. It has to be perfect. Any flaws, curvatures, or sections that are uneven, and the rest of the building will be compromised. If a wall, it may not stand straight, if the first stone, the corner stone is not just right. If a building, it may topple over, if that cornerstone is not set just right. It was the duty of the experts to choose carefully that first stone, the cornerstone. That’s the thought brought out in Scriptures about the cornerstone being rejected. It wasn’t a random choice. It was rejected after careful inspection. And, that’s what happened to Jesus. They questioned His authority. They heard His words. They saw His miracles. They considered the prophecies. And, with all the evidence before them, they rejected Him. They rejected Him, not because Jesus didn’t measure up. They rejected because they were bias, prejudice, and jealous. The proof was there. The proof was obvious. But their minds were made up even before they looked at Jesus.

Jesus, the living stone was rejected by men. But by God, Jesus is both choice and precious. He is what you want for the cornerstone. Perfect. Perfect in all areas. God sent the best when He sent Jesus.

This contrast continues even today. The world looked at Jesus and said, “No.” God looked at Jesus and said, “Yes.”

First, the world continues to discredit the things of God. Holiness is not popular. God’s word is not honored today. Sin is in and righteousness is out. The world rejects the things of God. The world would rather wallow with the pigs than walk in holiness and truth. If the living stone was rejected, so will all things connected with God. Worship, as God has designed it, is out. Bring in the concerts, the food, and the fun. People don’t want sermons, they want comedy. They don’t want to learn, they want to laugh. They don’t care about what words mean, they only care about how they feel. Rejected by man, but loved by God.

Second, the world continues to sputter along trying to find lasting solutions and hope to all the problems in our culture. The solutions are there, but they have been rejected. No one offers to open up a Bible. They want more governmental rules. They want more tolerance. They want more pointing of fingers to blame others. God’s word has the answers. But when that word is rejected, hope goes away.

Third, for those who come to that living stone, not only do they find peace, love and hope, but they become  precious to the Lord. This is why the Lord has made us. It is not to go our own ways but to honor and follow Him. When we do that, we discover that this is the way life was intended to be. Assurance, confidence, joy, purpose and satisfaction are found in those who walk with the Lord.

Rejected or chosen. Despised or precious. Thinking like the world or thinking like God. The right choices will put you in a small group. It will not fit well with others. But to the Lord, you are among those who are precious and making the right choices.

What an interesting expression—a living stone.