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Jump Start # 2786

Jump Start # 2786

Proverbs 14:15 “The naïve believes everything, but the sensible person considers his steps.”

Our passage today, typical of Proverbs, is wrapped around a couple of contrasts. Opposites, is another way of expressing this. The naïve and the sensible. Believing everything and considering the steps. It is this last statement that I want to build some thoughts on today. Consideration of ones’ steps. Being careful. A big segment of the country understood that literally last week. Most of the country was covered with snow and ice. Driving was tough. Walking to the mail box was tough. Slipping and sliding and trying to keep from falling was the task of the day. We had to consider our steps. We were careful.

But our passages is not about walking on wintery sidewalks. It is about the thoughtful consideration of one’s behavior, attitude and choices. The wise or sensible person is one who doesn’t just plow ahead full steam. He’s thinking before he acts. He things before he speaks. He considers influence. He considers consequences. He considers the impact his choice will have upon his soul. A lot to think about. And, something that seems to be missing so much today. So many celebrities, athletes, politicians, and, reporters have said things that weren’t thought out. Their mouths were running faster than their brain. And, they get in trouble. Some have been fired. Many have had to come back and apologize and beg for their jobs. What they lacked was considering their steps.

Now, take that thought to a different area. As we consider consideration, wrap that around congregations starting back up once again.

First, this is an opportunity to really evaluate, consider and look at the entire worship package including Bible classes. Here is a fresh window to start new, fresh and make adjustments. Many places will just go right back to the same schedule and way things were done in the past. Nothing wrong with that, but put some consideration into that before the decision is made.

For instance:

  • Are two Sunday services working and if so, are two sermons on Sunday the best and most effective way to teach and accomplish your goals? Some places have made adjustments through the pandemic and have gone nearly a year with just one Sunday service. Did that work well? What could be done better?
  • Are Sunday morning Bible classes and the format of those classes working? Could it be that video lessons made during the week are used as a basis of the class and then discussion be built around those? Are classes on Sunday the best means to teach or have we found a class during the week works better?
  • Have we found that the 13 week quarter system of classes could be changed and made better?
  • Have we seen that using disposable Lord’s Supper elements are much more sanitary and having a basket or drop box for the contribution works well?
  • Congregations got through a year with few or no Gospel Meetings. Maybe it’s time to think about the purpose of those, the length of those and what we are wanting from them.

The business community is making some serious evaluations as we move to the other side of the pandemic. Large office buildings are expensive to maintain and working from home, for many actually works better. School systems are taking a look at different methods of teaching having gone through long periods of Zoom classes and e-learning. Restaurants are looking at things differently now. The menu that everyone touches may be made safer. Seating may be different. And, what we are witnessing is that on the other side of the storm, adjustments are made. Some have found better and safer ways of doing things. Some are making preparations in case something like this happens again.

And, for congregations, the post pandemic church may come out stronger, closer and more focused than ever before. Wise and sensible leaders will consider the best steps in not just getting everyone back, but in how things will be done. Don’t just assume the way before the pandemic is the only way nor the best way. Put some thought into worship—the hours you meet, the order of things in worship, the number of songs, where you place the Lord’s Supper in the worship, livestreaming and so many other things. Here is a window to make great adjustments and do things better. Better worship to God. Better Bible classes. Better fellowship. Better mentoring. Better leadership.

We can just get back to the way things were, or we can consider how to make things better. These are the things to be talked about, thought out and prayed about. Before everything returns to normal, make sure that your normal is the best way of doing things. Talk to others and find out what they are doing. Share some ideas. Try some things, as long as you stay within the Biblical guidelines.

This is a time to do some considering…