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Jump Start # 2813

Jump Start # 2813

Psalm 64:10 “The righteous man will be glad in the Lord and will take refuge in Him; and all the upright in heart will glory.”

It is good being a Christian. Sure there is a mighty work before us in the kingdom and that work never seems to end. And, yes, we are engaged in an intense battle against the foes of God. Sometimes the journey is lonely. Sometimes the walk is uphill. And, the journey of faith means we trust when we cannot see and we go on when we want to stop. But that being said, it’s great being a Christian.

Our verse today, written by David, reminds us that the righteous man not only finds safety and shelter in the Lord, but he is glad and rejoices in the Lord. It’s great being a Christian. I wonder if times we forget that. I wonder if others hear us feeling burdened and complaining and wonder why we are staying with these things. What we need to remind ourselves and what the world needs to know is that it is great to be a Christian.

Here’s why:

First, a Christian is adopted into the family of God. We belong to God. That is the best. God on our side, or more accurately, we are on His side. Outside the family or inside the family, there is a difference. The joys of heavenly fellowship, blessings, promises and hope are found in the Lord. Forgiven. Grace extended. Loved. Being able to please the Lord, what a wonderful joy that is.

Second, a Christian walks with confidence and assurance. He doesn’t have to roll in the mud of mindless, carnal worries that plague most hearts. God is in control. He knows that. He understands that. And, the Christian realizes that his story and his journey doesn’t end at the cemetery. It ends in the presence of God, who he longs to spend forever with. Death is sad, but it’s not defeating for the Christian. Troubles, set backs and disappointments are only temporary. He’s Heaven Bound and that’s where is focus is upon.

Third, being a Christian has put him around some of the greatest people in the world. Their names are not known very far and wide, but Heaven knows them. These are the people of God. They come from all different backgrounds and each has a unique story but they have all found their way to Jesus Christ. These people want the best out of you. They will support you, help you and be there for you. They will lift your name to Heaven, where the greatest help comes from.

Fourth, for the Christian, Sunday becomes the best day of the week. It’s the day to gather with these wonderful people that we call brethren. It’s the day to honor the Lord together in worship. It’s a time to encourage, help and fellowship one another. God’s holy word is preached and prayers are sent heavenward. Sundays are wonderful for the child of God. He wishes everyday could be a Sunday.

Being a Christian does not mean one is perfect, but he is following the One who is. It doesn’t mean that he knows all the answers, but he follows the One who does. And, one of the greatest reasons about being a Christian is knowing how the Lord has changed us. We know what we were like. We know the attitudes, addictions and behavior that we had. We know how sinful we were. But God has not only forgiven us, but through His word, He has changed us. The grump becomes a joyful person. The complainer becomes thankful. The tightwad becomes generous. The judgmental spirit becomes forgiving. The hardnose becomes gracious. The selfish becomes a servant. The indifferent becomes compassionate. The worldly becomes spiritual. The sinner becomes a child of God. It’s a journey, but what a wonderful, productive journey it is. There are living examples on this journey. There are people who want to see you succeed on this journey.

This past year has been troublesome and it has made many sour and complaining. Let us remind ourselves of the joys of being a Christian. There is nothing else like it and we pray that others would see this joy and want to come with us on this journey.

The righteous man will be glad in the Lord.