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Jump Start #2819

Jump Start # 2819

Matthew 28:6 “He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying.”

Our verse today was found often on social media this past weekend. It is a powerful expression of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus is not just a wonderful fact, it IS the universal game changer. That event, His resurrection, crushed Satan, assured our salvation and gave us the promise of an eternal life beyond the grave. The death and resurrection of Jesus was the message that was preached worldwide.

Within this one verse are five powerful thoughts are found.

First, this is Heaven’s statement. Our verse comes from the voice of Heavenly angels. They were sent by God. They knew. This statement was not the wish of disillusioned followers. This was more than the hope of mournful women. This wasn’t what some dreamed. This is the truth spoken from those from Heaven. The voice of angels declared this. He was not there. They were involved with the resurrection. They had rolled the stone away. They witnessed what took place.

Second, the angels declared that Jesus was not there. This chapter begins with the women coming to look at the grave. They gathered to put more spices on the body of Jesus. They were expecting to find Him there. They even wondered how they were going to roll the heavy stone away from the grave so they could get in where the body was. The voice of the angel told them. He’s not here.

Third, the angels tell the women why He is not here. Merely stating that He is not here, doesn’t tell one where He is or what happened. Did someone take the body? Was it Romans? Was it Jews? Was it disciples? No, He was not taken. He is not there because He has risen. That’s why the grave was empty. Up from the grave He arose. The greatest miracle of all had taken place.

Fourth, The angels remind the women that He was risen, just as He had said. Way back in John 2, Jesus had first declared this. The resurrection was part of the plan all along. The resurrection was the fulfillment of prophecy, His own prophecy.  Jesus had told the disciples this many times before. And, now, the fulfillment had taken place. What Jesus said came about. Jesus always spoke the truth. He said it would happen and it did. Whatever He said always happened. Always.

Fifth, Come, see the place. Look for yourself. Investigate. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourselves. See. He’s not here. The tomb is empty. The women could report what they actually saw. Faith and evidence connected.

And, because He lives, we can face anything that this day can throw at us. Bad days. Long days. Tough days at work. Stressful days at home. Tired. Weary. So much to get done. Pulled in so many directions. Yet, there comes an inner strength that propels us through. It’s not us. It’s not some inner power that we manifest. It’s knowing that the tomb was empty. It’s knowing that He lives. It’s knowing that He reigns. It’s knowing that someday all of this will be worth it. So, you keep shining your light. You keep shaking the salt. You keep raising those kids. You keep honoring God. You keep worshipping Him. You keep walking close to the Lord. You remain pure in an impure world. You keep serving when others are selfish. You are generous when others are tightwads. You forgive when others want revenge. You put others first, rather than self. All of these things you do. This has now become you who are. And, why do you do these things? Because of an empty tomb. Because He lives.

And, because He lives, we can face tomorrow. And, we face tomorrow with a smile on our face. Tomorrow, may bring heartache and hardships. Tomorrow may take us through seasons of death. Tomorrow is unknown. But we know who is already in tomorrow, and that is the Lord. And, we know that because He lives, we will live. We know that because He is in Heaven, we can be in Heaven. We know that no matter how terrible things become, they won’t last. Jesus lasts. Heaven lasts. Eternity lasts.

Come and see. Come and know. Come and be convinced. Come and believe. The future is not uncertain. The outcome does not remain to be seen. We know. Because He lives, all things will be right.

He is not here…but we know where He is.