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Jump Start #2825

Jump Start # 2825

Hebrews 11:3 “By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.

Recently, my wife and I visited the Creation Museum near Cincinnati. It’s been nearly ten years since I’ve been there. If you are ever traveling in the that area, going to the Creation Museum and the Ark exhibit are well worth it. Sure, a few liberties were taken and those who are very picky will notice a few things here and there, but all in all, it’s amazing. It’s amazing to have a state of the art museum that honors God. There’s a lot to see and a lot to read, but the powerful world views of either naturalism or creation truly define where people are in their thinking. It’s scientific and there are serious answers to the false claims of evolution.

There were many changes to the museum since we were last there. It starts with a movie showing the six days of creation. And, yes, someone could say, “I don’t think it was like that.” The only one that was there was God. But it’s great to give it a consideration and to see what it might have been like. The power, colors, and incredible plan of God coming to shape in the world that we live in.

Our verse today reminds us of that. The visible was not made by the visible. In other words, the invisible made the visible. God, being a spirit, made all things. More than that, they came to be by God’s word. He spoke and it was. There was no heavenly lab or workshop where discarded on the floor were ideas that didn’t make it. No, God’s word was the power to bring all of this about. No divine jumper cables. No flipping switches. No chemicals being mixed. Only the Word—that powerful, powerful Word.

Consider this:

First, that powerful word could bring about things that we still have a hard time understanding. The theories of evolution are full of inconsistencies, holes and error. How does life come from non-life? And, “big bang,” who and what caused those forces to “bang?” No photograph, no panting can equal what the Lord does in nature.

Second, that same powerful Word that created everything, also introduces us to God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Without the Word, we would not know God. Without the Word we would not know what God expects from us. Without the Word, Jesus is unknown to us. Our faith stands upon the Word. Those that want to jump and dance for the Lord, are running on emotions and feelings, and without the Word, His Word, they are just as likely to shame God as to praise God.

Third, that same powerful Word is what brings us the hope of salvation and eternity with Jesus. The apostles were sent into all the world to preach that Word. Faith was built upon hearing that Word preached. Lives changed because of that Word. Comfort was extended because of that Word. Hope became real because of that Word.

Fourth, the direction of the church is set by that Word. What are we to do as a church? Organize a 5k run? Gather cans for food shelters? Run a school? Provide housing for the poor? All of these things are being done today. What sets the parameters and boundaries is that powerful Word of God. The mission of the church is displayed in the Word of God. The organizational structure of the church comes from the Word. Encouragement, discipline, teaching, warnings, are all found within God’s Word.

We know that God loves because of the Word. We know that God forgives because of the Word. We know that He will never leave us because of the Word. His promises are found in the Word. His plans are wrapped in the Word.

And, most amazing of all, is that you and I have God’s word. We have it in our Bibles. We can hold it, treasure it, love it, read it, know it and follow it. No, it’s not just the Bible, it is God’s word. And, it was His word that started the creation.

We truly are blessed…