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Jump Start # 2835

Jump Start # 2835

Psalms 127:3 “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.”

  As I write this, my youngest son and his wonderful wife are in the hospital. Their new baby will be born this morning. There have been numerous prayers ascending to Heaven this morning for their health, safety and as well as for their baby son. This makes me a grandfather, again. This will be our eleventh grandchild—that’s right, 11. Christmas sure gets expensive for us, but what a joy each of them are.

  I saw an interesting chart the other day. It starts with “You.” You have 2 parents and 4 grandparents. You have 8 great grandparents, 16 great, great grandparents and 32 great, great, great grandparents. In just eight generations, there are more than 250 people in your family tree. That’s not counting siblings, uncles, or cousins, just direct descendants from you. In twenty generations, there are one million people in your family tree.

  Genesis 5 covers 11 generations. Luke 3 covers 75 generations. Solomon says early in Ecclesiastes, “A generation goes and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever.” And, how true God’s word through Solomon is. The year started for us with the passing of my 95 year old father. Now, we have the birth of a new grandson. A generation goes and a generation comes.

  Some thoughts:

  First, we all come into the world the same way. Our home life may be very different. Our advantages or disadvantages may be far apart. But we all come into this world with a clean soul. Our minds do not even know our own name. We cannot speak any language. All of us have to learn. All of us have to be taught. For those who are blessed to have a mom and dad who walk with the Lord, they will learn about God, righteousness, worship and making wise choices. They will have such an advantage. They will be loved, accepted and cared for. Knowing the Lord will help them make the right choices in life and keep them close to God.

  Second, as we think about family trees, and this is even true of Jesus’ family tree, there are some wonderful examples and some real scoundrels. Every family has them. Trace your genealogy back and you’ll find godly people and horse thieves. Way back in my family tree was a preacher who conducted the funeral of restoration preacher J.W. McGarvey. We also have someone in the family tree who ran with the Dillinger gang. Every family has those that they are proud of and those that brought shame. We can only be responsible for ourselves. Even though someone may been in our family tree does not mean that they are doing what is right. Some would rather side with family than the Lord.

  Third, our verse today reminds us that children are God’s gift. There are days when a parent may feel like returning that gift, but what a blessing children are. Children bring curiosity and joy and smiles. They can lift spirits. They demand a lot of time and a lot of energy, but what a delight they are. And, as God has arranged things, parents take care of that little child and in time that grown child takes care of the aging parents. Our world seems to be getting darker all the time. Things we thought would never be questioned, now are. Righteous people wonder how far things will sink into secularism and selfishness. But the bright spot is found in the little eyes of the children of the righteous. Not all is lost. Not all is dark. Not all is doom. There is hope for yet another generation to know the ways of the Lord. There is hope that yet another generation will be serving the King of kings and engaged in the Lord’s work. To God, we are thankful. To God, we are blessed. To God, we honor and serve Him.

  Fourth, children are a blessing to a congregation. Yes, sometimes they can loud. Yes, sometimes they run and they need to be slowed down a bit. But have you ever been to a congregation where there are no kids? No children’s Bible classes? One looks around and wonders what the future of that congregation will be. God’s design is for the leaders to be family men. Deacons have children. Shepherds have children. As they have influenced and guided their homes, they now lead and serve the people of God. I love all the little ones we have in our congregation. I know that I must seem the age of Moses to them, but their bright eyes, quick smiles and cheerful ways are enough to melt the gloomiest of hearts. VBS week is busy, but what a great time it is. Sometimes our moms leave services like they have been on a twenty mile hike. Instead of rolling your eyes, offer to help them. Offer to carry a bag for them and thank them for coming and bringing their children.

  Welcome, little baby Lincoln, to our family and to the world. We pray that you’ll grow tall and strong and be wonderful among God’s people, just as your mom and dad are. I only wish that the world you were coming into was better than what it is. With the help of the Lord, you’ll do fine. With the help of the Lord, you’ll shine. And, with the help of the Lord, you’ll be helping others someday.

  We are blessed.