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Jump Start # 2845

Jump Start # 2845

Psalms 115:8 “Those who make them will become like them, everyone who trusts in them.”

  Most often when we read about idols in the Scriptures, it comes from the Prophets. Much of their work was rebuking God’s people for the folly of chasing after idolatry. But here in the Psalms, we find a powerful statement about idols.

  The Psalmist illustrates the worthlessness of these man made idols. They have mouths, but they can’t speak. They have eyes, but they can’t see. They have ears, but they can’t hear. They have noses, but they can’t smell. They have feet, but they can’t walk. They are fake. They are dead. They are lifeless. They serve no purpose. Why pray to an idol, if it cannot hear? Why burn incense to an idol if it cannot smell. Why bow down before an idol if it cannot see. It cannot receive the praise of the worshipper. It cannot help the worshipper. It is worthless, useless and lifeless.

  Then comes our verse. Those that make the idols and those that trust in the idols become like the idols. They become useless and lifeless. There is no reasoning, because they cannot hear. There is no justification to support and defend the idols because they cannot speak. These people occur space, but they are no longer are reasonable, approachable or helpful. Like the lifeless idol they made, they have become the same.

  Some thoughts for us:

  First, not just with idols, but with all gods, including Jehovah, the worshipper takes on the qualities of what  he worships. For the idolater, it was becoming like the idol. For worshippers of Jehovah, we become like God. That thought is echoed throughout the N.T. We are to have the mind of Christ (Phil 2:5). We are to be conformed to the image of Jesus (Rom 8:29). We are to forgive as God forgives (Eph 4:32). We are to love as God loves (Eph 5:2). We are to be holy as He is holy (1 Pet 1:16).

  A transformation takes place as the worshipper becomes like the one he worships. A lifeless god turns people into lifeless followers. Worshipping an evil god makes the followers become violent and evil. Serving a compassionate and holy God, as we do, changes us into a people of compassion and holiness.

  Second, what a blessing that our God sees, hears and speaks. He is the living God. He sees what you go through. He knows when you are in the valleys of life. He hears your cries and your pleas. The cries out of Egypt were heard and God delivered them. And, our God speaks. He speaks through Jesus. His message is recorded, plain and available to all.

  We must utilize this blessing. We must be talking to God as well as listening to Him as we read His word. God is there. He is alive. And, it is life that Jesus gave. He gave it abundantly. This life is eternal. This life is not bound by the material world. This life is a reflection of God. You are never alone. You are never on your own. You have a God that not only sees, hears and speaks, but a God that cares. He is defined as being full of compassion. The throne is pictured as a throne of grace. Abundant are the blessings of the Lord.

  Third, our times are filled with people who have become like the idols they worship. In our minds, idols seem like wooden or metal objects that sit on a stand and people bow before them. That is still true in some parts of the world. But there are many different forms of idols. Money is an idol and those that worship it become like it. It’s all they know, care about and talk about. For others, it’s sports. Sports can be a game or it can become a life. People watch sport shows all the time. They eat and breathe sports. They know all the players, all the coaches and all the ins and outs of what is going on around their favorite team. Obsessed, far too many have turned sports into idolatry. And, like the idol they worship, they become like that. For others, it’s drinking. For others, it’s pleasure. These modern idolaters never realize that they have become like their idols. One can talk to them, because they cannot hear. There is no reasoning, because they have become like their idol.

  Psalms 115, where our verse is taken from, ends with a declaration of how great God is. The idols are useless. Ears, but can’t hear. Eyes, but can’t see. Mouth, but can’t speak. Our God is a shield and help. Our God is mindful of us. Our God blesses us. Our God gives increase. You won’t find the idols doing any of those things. Those who trust in idols are on their own. They have no one to help them. They have no one to bless them.

  The chapter ends with this statement: “Praise the Lord!” And, thus we must always do.