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Jump Start # 2850

Jump Start # 2850

Romans 1:16 ‘For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

  This verse is needed now more than ever. Our times preaches diversity, but they certainly do not practice it. Unless one agrees with the loudest voices, they are shamed, ridiculed, mocked and called all kinds of offensive names. The weak and the timid follow along meekly because they don’t want to called out. They don’t want to be different. It’s easier for them to hide their convictions and be accepted than to stand alone.

 I am not ashamed.

  I am not ashamed to be called a disciple of Jesus. I am not ashamed to admit that I follow the N.T. I am not ashamed that I draw a line in the sand where the Bible does. I am not ashamed to admit that I love the Lord. I am not ashamed for the what the Bible says. I am not ashamed to say, “No,” when saying “yes” causes me to disobey what God says. I am not ashamed of the congregation where I worship. I am not ashamed for the way we Biblically worship God. I am not ashamed to use the words that God does and not the words that our culture tells us to use.

  I will not change when those that disagree toss mean words my way. They may view me as narrow. They may view me as a legalist, even though most do not understand that word. They may think I am judgmental because I do not believe a person can do whatever they want and go to Heaven. Opponents may think that they are right because more people are with them. That doesn’t move me. Remember Noah?

  I am not ashamed to bow my head in restaurants and pray to the God I love. Some may stare. I am not ashamed to carry a Bible in the pubic and even read it on airplanes or other places. I do not try to blend in, fit in, or get along with those who are going as quickly as they can from God. I am not interested in who kissed who in Hollywood or what celebrities are dating and divorcing. I am interested in the people of God. These are my people. We have a kindred heart and a common hope. We are headed the same direction and we hold dear the same principles of God.

  I am not ashamed to admit that I follow the Bible. I am not ashamed that my life is shaped by God’s word. I am not ashamed of the life that has been built and reshaped because of God’s word. I am not ashamed to talk about God. I am not ashamed to give God the glory He deserves.

  I am not bent on trying to change God’s word. I am not interested in departing from God’s word. I am not in favor of picking and choosing what commands I will follow. I do not defend the sins nor the mistakes of brethren. My allegiance belongs to Christ. It is the Lord who will save us. My hope is not in the church where I belong to, but in the Lord who is merciful.

  More and more, we will be seeing modern churches caving in, selling out, and bowing down to the loud voices of our culture. Pressure, intimidation and fear are the tactics of bullies. And, modern churches that have very little convictions and no Biblical backbone, will do what ever culture tells them. And, when pressure arises to accept those that our culture demands we include and accept, I will as far as God does. Where God stops, I will stop. That will anger progressives. That will send those stuck in liberal theology into a tailspin. The fangs, claws and daggers will come out. For the Lord, they brought out whips and nails. The Lord didn’t bend. The Lord didn’t back down. He was kind to the core. He was gentle to all. But, he was uncompromising in His views. So must I be.

  Some will threaten lawsuits. See you in court. Some will spray paint the church building. Call a work party and clean it up. Some will trash talk on social media. But, I remain unashamed. I will not stoop to senseless name calling and spreading lies about others. I will not try to retaliate or hurt others. However, I will not stop speaking what I know is true.

  Unashamed of the Lord. Unashamed of His word. Unashamed of what He expects.

  These are the days for unashamed brethren to let their lights shine.