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Jump Start #2869

Jump Start # 2869

Mark 7:24 “And from there He arose and went away to the region of Tyre. And when He had entered a house, He wanted no one to know of it; yet He could not escape notice.”

  It’s summer time. Schools are out. The weather is hot. And, for many it’s time to hit the road on vacation. Our Jump Starts will be taking a break soon. I’ll tell you more about that when it gets closer. And, all of this takes us to our verse today. Even our Lord wanted to get away. Once the ministry of Jesus began, there was hardly any time to rest. On one occasion, He and the disciples got into a boat and got away from the crowds. But the crowds didn’t go home. They saw which direction the boat was heading and they ran on ahead and got there first. They were waiting for Jesus.

  In our verse today, Jesus heads north. He’s away from the big city of Jerusalem. He is even away from Galilee. Up in Tyre, few would know him. He could rest. He needed to rest His mind, body and soul. All around, there were people wanting healings. People were constantly asking Him questions. So many people. So many needs. Here in Tyre, He could find some peace and quiet, even if it was for just a moment. But, even there, people knew He was there. Word got out. People came. Following our verse today is the healing of the Canaanite’s daughter. She was demon possessed. Jesus cast the demon out.

  Now, some thoughts for us:

  First, there are times we need to get away. Away from our regular routine. Away from work. Away from family stress. Sometimes doing nothing is ok. Don’t make it your career. Don’t stay idle long. But the Lord shows us that resting is important. On the seventh day God rested. The Sabbath was a rest for Israel. The green pastures and quiet waters that the shepherd leads us to are for our benefit.

  Not everyone can afford a vacation. Not everyone can be gone long. Demands of an aging parent, needs at work and other similar factors force us to keep close to home. But even in your own home you can find ways to “get away.” Take a Saturday and sleep in. Go to a State Park. Take a walk in the neighborhood. Rest your mind and heart. Leave the phone off for a while.

  Second, the wonderful news about Jesus spread. How did folks way up in Tyre know Jesus was there? There were no banners posted or flyers mailed out. There was no podcast announcing His locations. People knew because good news spreads. People were seeing the impossible. Lives were being changed. Hope was abounding. People just couldn’t keep quiet about those things. All of this sure makes us wonder a about our evangelism. Jesus was in town, and it seems that the people knew it.

  Third, wonderful things can happen when we visit other congregations. We can be refreshed by seeing what others are doing. We can get ideas that we can share with those back home. Being a way has a way of making us appreciate what we have at home.

  Fourth, some of us preachers are not good at taking time off. We need to. The demands of the work, our own conscience and the desire to have things just right, keeps many preachers preaching and preaching. But ideas run out. The mind gets tired. The work gets sloppy. Wise shepherds pick up on things like that. They sense that the preacher ought to have a break. Sometimes it’s nothing more than having someone in the congregation fill in on a Sunday. This helps the preacher and has a wonderful way of developing those who have not done that much. Preachers are not supermen. They get tired. They get frustrated. They need to get some fresh air and they need to stay connected to the Lord.

  Finally, there are some important things that we never take a break from. We always need the Lord. Here, there and everywhere—at work, on vacation, on a Saturday, as well as on a Sunday. If you are traveling this summer, be sure to toss in your Bible. You never take a vacation from the Lord. Also, we don’t take a break from our marriages. That’s not healthy. That invites trouble. We don’t take a vacation from our role as parents. You may send the kids to a camp, or to grandmas for a week, but you are still a parent.

  Summer time—watermelon, kids running through sprinklers, picnics and fun. Rest the mind. Rest the heart. Rest the soul. But as in our passage today, those that need you are always near by. Get back into the spiritual battle, race and journey with the Lord.