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Jump Start # 2872

Jump Start # 2872

Acts 17:17 “So he was reasoning in the synagogue with the Jews and the God-fearing Gentiles, and in the marketplace every day with those who happened to be present.

  Often times it is hard to know where to begin a spiritual conversation with our friends. They can seem so different or more accurately, so indifferent to the things of God. Paul, in this passage was debating or reasoning with the Jews and Gentiles. This chapter begins with Paul doing the same thing in another city.

  Let’s consider one of the most powerful arguments for the system of God. One can debate creation/evolution, origins, science but right before our eyes is manifested the greatest proofs that we need to see. It is a matter of world views. There are two world views—one is the Biblical world view, which includes God, creation and salvation in Jesus Christ. The other world view is secular. This world view puts man at the top. There is no God in this world view. The Bible is a product of the imaginations of men. Evolution is how we got here. There is no life after death in the secular world view.

  Two world views—and the secular view dominates most lives today. And, it is here that powerful reasoning has a foothold. Look at the world that the secular principles have given us. In every major city, shootings and the murder rate is sky rocketing. Crime is increasing. Addictions are rising. Racism and hatred are everywhere. So many politicians are corrupt. Mass shootings are so common that they are hardly newsworthy. Dysfunctional and broken homes plague the landscape. People do not even know what gender they are. The spirit of intolerance and complaining fills the hearts of so many.

  This is where we are today. The picture is dark. Things are not better, they are getting worse. Fear, worry and confusion are everywhere. Broken lives and hurting hearts are not being healed. This is what the secular world view has given us. This dark, dark world we live in is not the result of compassion, grace and forgiveness. It did not get this way by following divine standards of God. And, when we look at where we are as a society, what’s the point? What’s the purpose? Where are we headed? Is the secular worldview working? We can’t get along with anyone who is different than we are. The secular worldview has caused this. The secular worldview has no solutions to improve things. The secular world view offers no hope. The secular worldview is as broken as the world it messed up. A selfish generation is upon us who feels that they are victims and need to have every problem fixed by someone else. Have you been to an airport recently? I have. There are more dogs than children. These dogs are not in containers. They are out in the open. Support animals, is what I’m told they are. And, who has these dogs? It’s not senior citizens. No, the senior citizens understand trials, hardships, suffering and faith. Mostly, it’s young 20-something females. And, why is it that they need support from a dog? Well, this is where the secular worldview has taken them. There is no support in life. There is no hope in life. And, at the tender age of 20, so young, they are already unable to cope with what the secular worldview offers. So, they have a dog. They can talk to their dog, but the dog can’t talk back. The dog will wag his tail but he won’t offer advice such as, “Get a life and a backbone.”

  The Biblical worldview has God at the center. He is hope. He is life. Things not only have a purpose, a plan and a future, but with God, there is direction and hope. God hears. God answers. God blesses. Don’t need a support dog with the Biblical view, you have God. And, God is so much better than what your dog can do.

  Two worldviews. And, a great way to start the conversation is: “How are things working out for you?” The secular view runs from the topic of death. It doesn’t like to focus upon the deeper things in life. It doesn’t look to help others.

  Jesus came to give us abundant life. That doesn’t start in Heaven—it begins now, right now. Confidence, optimism, helpfulness, joy, peace, kindness, sharing, serving—that’s what comes with the Biblical worldview. What’s the hope to end racism? Get rid of all the police? What’s the answer to growing crime? What’s the solution to rising drug problems? The secular view only has hope in the government. The Biblical view has hope in Christ. And, we know Christ works. We have a long history with that. Slavery ended not because of secularism, but because of Christianity.

  Reasoning by looking at the world through two different lenses. Which one gives the better view?