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Jump Start # 2878

Jump Start # 2878

Psalms 89:14 “Righteousness and justice are the foundations of Your throne; lovingkindness and truth go before You.”

Special Note: Our Jump Starts recently took a break for several days. I traveled to Israel—the land of kings, priests and where our Lord walked. Starting on Monday, I will begin a new series based upon my reflections “In the Land where Jesus walked.” My intentions are to make this into a book, which will include a few of my photos from the trip.

  Every summer, for the past several years, the congregation that I am a part of puts on a summer series on Wednesday nights. Every Wednesday in July and August, we invite in preachers from all over the country to come and preach to us. A very specific theme is chosen. This year our summer series is based upon the hymn, “How firm a foundation.” The lines in that song become the different topics that are being preached. We enjoy this special summer feast. We meet new preachers and we rekindle our friendships with preachers that we have known. The hymn, as it is sung over and over, each Wednesday, also takes on a new meaning for us.

  Within that hymn is found the expression, “What more can He say than to you He has said…” Let’s put some thought behind those words. What more can He say…

  First, there are times when we wish the Bible did say more. Our curiosity would like to know more. What ever became of Jairus’ daughter that Jesus raised from the dead? What about Simon who helped carry the cross for the Lord, what became of him? What was King Saul thinking when he offered a sacrifice in place of Samuel? Why was Cain so angry with Abel? Abel didn’t do anything wrong. Tell us more. But no more will be told than what He has already said.

  Second, there are times in our lives when we wish God would tell us more. A young family has a daughter in the hospital with a serious health issues.  They’d love to hear from the Lord that everything will be ok. A man is uncertain which direction he ought take in his career. He’d love for the Lord to just tell him. But the hymn reminds us that no more will be said than what has been said. And what has been said is that the Lord loves us. We need to trust Him.

  Third, there are people in our lives that we love dearly. They are not walking with the Lord. We’ve invited them. We’ve started conversations with them. We tried to be godly examples before them. But nothing. They are not interested. We know where they are headed without Jesus. We pray. We long to help these folks to follow the Savior. If only the Lord could say more to them. If only the Lord could do something special. But what more could be said than has been said. Remember the rich man in Luke 16? He wanted Lazarus to warn his brothers. Nothing more could be said. They had Moses and the prophets. They had the Bible. The rich man knew his brothers. They were too much like he was. If someone from the dead would appear to them, he was certain that they would change. Nothing more was to be said. What had been said was enough.

  So, from this we conclude:

· God has given me enough to get through this day. The challenges we face, the people we encounter, the troubles we endure, God has given us what we need to navigate successfully and spiritually.

· God has given me enough to face the greatest trials of life—death. The death of our loved ones. The coming death of each of us. What we have are the promises of the Lord. His words are true. His words are right. We can look into the face of death and not collapse in fear.

· God has given me enough to fight the devil today. Temptation will come. It will come though social media. It will come through people. There are attitudes that I should not have. There are words that I should not say. There are actions that I ought not take. How can I survive? What God has given me is enough.

· God has given me enough to know what He expects of me and how I can please Him. Our walk is not in the darkness, but rather, in the light of His word. He has shown us what He wants. The choices I make, the places I go are a reflection of whether or not I believe those things.

· God has given me enough to make it to Heaven. His word is to be obeyed. His promises are to be believed. His hope is true. With an open Bible and an open heart, each of us can make it to Heaven. There is nothing more that we need. There is nothing more that will be said.

  And, just where has God given us these things? They are all found in His word. That wonderful Bible that brings life to our Lord, shows us how to face each day and to walk humbly with the Lord. Books are important. They can teach and inform and educate us. But they cannot add to what God has already given to us. Hold God’s word close to your heart. Through those pages you will learn to trust Him, love Him, believe Him and know Him.

  What more can He say than to you He has said…