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Jump Start # 2919

Jump Start # 2919

Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

  My cousin died last week. He was at least ten years older than I am. We were not close, not at all. I last saw him in January at the burial of my dad. He stayed in the car because it was cold and he wasn’t feeling well. Before that, I saw him at his dad’s funeral nine years ago. Little in common. Little interaction. He worked odd jobs all his life. He was married but had no children.

  When my sister told me of his passing I thought of this verse. God is speaking to Abraham and the passage is rich in Messianic implications. Abraham became the father of the Jewish faith. The lineage of Jesus can be traced through David and straight to Abraham. The blessing of all the families has a sound of salvation to it. Abraham was a blessing.

  I think in many ways that ought to be said of each of us. It is sad to think that a person can live so many years on this planet and leave no footprints or evidence of blessing to others. So many only live to themselves and when they die, that’s it. No one has been helped. No one has been blessed. No one, aside from the immediate family and possibly a few friends would even know that this person ever lived. They left no mark. They left no trace of their existence. They lived for themselves and to themselves and when that life ended, the candle was extinguished and it was all over.

  What a contrast to what the Scriptures tell us of Abel. Hebrews 11 says, “though he is dead, he speaks.” Abel continues to bless. Abel is still speaking. Abel is still teaching. Abel is still helping us. And, just when did Abel die? He’s the first person to die, EVER. Thousands of years ago he died. But he continues to bless.

  God has placed you on this planet in this generation for a reason. It’s not about getting the most toys. It’s not about having the most fun. It is about glorifying Him and being a blessing to others.

  How can we bless others?

·  You do this by being a blessing in the congregation. Don’t be a sore spot. Don’t be troublesome. But likewise, don’t so ineffective that you are useless. Be a blessing. A young family man came up to me a couple of Sundays ago. He had the biggest smile. He shook my hand and said, “great to see you,” and off down the hallway he went. I was glad to see him. Be that person. Be the one who opens doors. Be the one who smiles. Be the one who sticks around. Be the one who makes a difference. Don’t always be in a hurry to leave. On some Sundays I’ll ask my wife if a certain person was at services. I’ll tell her that I didn’t see that person. Sometimes she’ll say that she didn’t see them either. The blessing person is one you can’t forget.

· Be a blessing in your family. Help the little ones. Be the spiritual backbone by saying prayers and being a godly example. Your family needs you. Be there for them. Don’t just be a name in the family, be one that has helped the family. Be the rock. Be the stronghold. Be the one that points to the Lord. Be the reminder of what is right. Be a blessing to them. Make their lives better because they know you.

  When your candle here is extinguished, like Abel, your life needs to still speak. A person of joy. A person of character. A person of hope. A person who is enjoyable to be around. A person that listens. A person that loves. To the core of your being, your character is honest, kind and godly. This is the type of person that is a blessing. Being around such a person is a delight. People will listen to such a person.

  Through Abraham Jesus came. Through Jesus all the families of the earth are blessed. You and I can be a blessing at work and school. Our spirit, attitude and choices, can make those around us truly appreciate the finer qualities of life. We work hard and honestly. We shift conversations from gossip, potty talk and mean spirited to that which is kind, noble and good. We help others. They feel the heart and notice the service. It’s more that talk, it’s actions. All around the office, the school, you are known as a blessing. Sure there will be those who are jealous and try to chip away at your character. There will be those who make fun of you. There will be those who mock you and not include you. But there are others. They notice. You have been a blessing and you have made their lives better.

To live here but to make no noticeable difference is a sad, sad commentary on the lives of so many. To miss the chance to be a blessing to others is a sad, sad commentary. To have made sacrifices so you could help others by sharing your example, hope and teaching is the kindest way to bless.

  Through you others, even today, need to be blessed.