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Jump Start # 2924

Jump Start # 2924

Luke 15:10 “In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”

  Do you ever just wonder? I do. I really like Sundays. Sundays are my favorite day of the week. I wish everyday was Sunday. That’s the day Jesus rose from the grave. That’s the day that first Gospel sermon was preached. That’s the day saints gather. That’s the day we remember. That’s the day we worship. Great things happen on Sunday.

  It hit me on a Sunday. I never gave it much thought before. Do folks on the other side know what day of the week it is? By ‘the other side,’ I mean, those who have gone on, passed away. Do they know in Heaven when it’s a Sunday? I put that before a class recently. Told them I was going to think about it.

  Here’s what I came up with:

  First, God knows. God knows everything. If the Lord knows our thoughts and intentions, He certainly knows what day of the week it is. I knew that. I wasn’t concerned about what the Lord knows. He knows everything. How about angels? How about our loved ones who have gone on? Do they know when it’s Sunday here?

  Second, a thousand years is like one day and one day like a thousand years. Peter tells us that. Time means nothing to God. It was just a couple of days ago, to eternity, that Jesus died. That’s how God sees it. And, the flood, that was only last week. Eternity is timeless. We understand that. Still, what remains is, do the rest of Heaven know when it’s a Sunday?

  Third, our verse tells us that angels know when a sinner repents. The thrust of that passage is the joy of salvation and the need to repent. What Jesus doesn’t tell us is “just how did the angels know” that someone repented? Were they told? Did they see it themselves? If they knew when a person repented, did they know what day of the week it was?

  Fourth, Jesus said that one who gives a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple will not lose his reward. Somehow that deed was known in Heaven. A cup of cold water isn’t much. It’s certainly not worth remembering, but the deed is known. Now is it God who witnesses that generous cold water or were the angels able to know this as well? Do angels only see repentance? What if that cup of cold water was given on a Sunday? Would that have made a difference? Would the angels know that fact?

  So, here is what I concluded:

  First, because angels see a few things and God sees everything doesn’t not mean that everyone else will know or see these things. The secret things, Deuteronomy tells us, belongs to God. Now, we can build a nice impressive set of principles about what we see after we die, but most of it would be our imagination and not the word of God. The young preacher Timothy was told to “preach the word.” He’s not to push his speculations.

  Do they know what year it is up in Heaven? God does. Does anyone else? There is no indication from the story of the rich man, the book of Revelation or other places that the dead can see what is happening on earth after they departed. It warms our hearts to think a family member is watching you. But that deceased family member can’t do anything for you. Make sure you do not bump God out of the way for your family member.

  Second, Sunday is special. The emphasis in the Bible is what we do here on Sunday. We are to gather and worship the Lord as He has directed. We are to fellowship. We are to pray. We are to remember the Lord’s death. What are they doing on the other side when it’s a Sunday? Don’t know. And, we have to leave it at that.

  Third, God has supplied us with everything we need to get safely to the other side. The Lord’s blood, and God’s guidance through His  word is what will bring us safely home. The Bible mentions little about the other side. We know it will be beautiful. We know it will be unlike anything we see here. Sunday is special to us. Sunday, done right, will keep you pointed towards Heaven. God likes Sunday. There is no indication and no purpose for preaching in Heaven. There is no need to take the Lord’s Supper in Heaven. Jesus will be right there. So don’t try to stretch worship services to Heaven. It is a different place.

  Finally, Sunday needs to be special to us now. If it’s not, then we might never know what Heaven is like. The praise of God ought to touch our hearts and move us to being a better people. The internet is not the local congregation. Livestream is not fellowship. It’s a bandaid for tough times. It ought never to replace what we had. The gathering of the saints is special. We ought to long for it and make it special.

  Do they know it’s Sunday in Heaven? Could be everyday is Sunday in Heaven.