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Jump Start # 3020

Jump Start # 3020

Matthew 27:22 “Pilate said to them, ‘Then what shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?’ They all said, ‘Crucify Him.’”

  The spineless and intimidated governor Pilate asked, “What shall I do with Jesus?” And for two millennium that question has hung in the air. What to do with Jesus? Some, hoping if they ignore Him, then He will just leave. But He never does. Others, want to deny Him, defeat Him and destroy Him. Some misrepresent Him. Some claim to quote Him but what they say, He never said. What to do with Jesus?

  Have you ever thought of this question in the opposite? What is Jesus to do with us? What has Jesus done for us? The obvious and greatest thing was to be the living sacrifice so we could be reconciled to God. Without that, we have no hope. Without that, we are lost.

  But Jesus did more than that. Consider:

  First, He showed us that temptation can be resisted by the word of God. The temptations as presented in Matthew do not show Jesus using anything more than what you and I have, the word of God. No miracles. No supernatural powers. Just standing firmly and confidently upon God’s word. He believed. Satan left. Satan can’t deal with the Bible, not when it’s believed and used correctly.

  Second, Jesus took away the fear of death. In Corinthians, Paul celebrates the victory over death by describing the resurrection. In Hebrews, Jesus conquered the fear of death by conquering Satan. Death becomes merely a doorway to take us into the next room in God’s house. Death isn’t the end. The wonderful world we long for is just on the other side of that door. What a perspective that gives us. What courage that provides for us. All of this now possible because of Jesus.

  Third, Jesus showed that decency, goodness and serving are noble traits and honorable. Jesus illustrated goodness. Jesus was without sin. He didn’t feel that He missed out or was sheltered from the fun that others have. Decency, goodness and serving create a positive and wonderful fun that is not tainted with guilt and sorrow. One doesn’t have to swear to show that he is a real man. One doesn’t have to be rude, arrogant or drive recklessly to prove that he has confidence. One doesn’t have to walk over people to lead. Jesus was truly a hero and an example.

  Fourth, Jesus made Heaven possible and gave each of us hope. There are some things in life that reality tells us that just will never happen. I will never start for the Dodgers. That’s just the truth. Too old, too slow, and not good enough. I’ll never cut a top ten record. Won’t happen. I won’t ever climb a mountain. I doubt that I will ever sky dive. As one gets older, he realizes that the door is closing on many things. But for some things the door was never opened to begin with. However, Heaven isn’t on that list. Jesus made Heaven possible. You don’t have to be the tops in grades, sports, sales or looks. Those things just do not matter. You may walk into a room and hardly anyone recognizes you. That doesn’t matter. God knows who you are. You can look at others and they are so talented in so many areas. You may think, “I can’t do anything.” But, that’s not true. You can go to Heaven. You don’t have to have a college degree. You don’t have to have your house paid off. You don’t have to be married. You don’t have to have good health. You can go to Heaven. Jesus made that possible. Believe Him. Trust Him. Follow Him. Put Him first in your life. Do whatever He tells you in the Bible. Change. Become. Learn. Grow. That’s all possible and when you stick right behind Him, you’ll find yourself in Heaven one day. It won’t be because of you. It will be because of Him. You’ll think, “I’m not good enough.” And, that’s right. You are not. “I haven’t done enough.” That’s true. Our journey is by faith. Take your eyes off of yourself. Fix your eyes upon Jesus, as Hebrews tells us.

  What to do with Jesus? Look what Jesus wants to do for you.