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Jump Start # 3042

Jump Start # 3042

Romans 10:15 “And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of good news.’”

  Tuesdays are long days for me. I teach two Bible classes on Tuesday. One in the morning and one in the evening. In between, I write a Jump Start and record three or four podcasts. Then, I try to work on my class for Wednesday. Plus there are emails, texts and phone calls that are sprinkled throughout the day. I tend to spend nearly twelve hours at the church building on Tuesdays.

  Last Tuesday was one of those long days. I got home around 9 o’clock in the night and ate my supper. Tired, head filled with all kinds of things that I had studied, read, written. taught and worked on that day. I was already thinking about the next day. I have another class to teach. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to cover or teach. Weariness was building. There just didn’t seem to be any break in this routine. Someone had recently said to me, “Why are you doing so much? Is all of that necessary?” I sure got to thinking about that.

  Then the joy and the glory of what I am doing hit me. I’m teaching God’s Holy Word. What an honor that is. Not just once in my life, but on that given week, I preached, taught four classes, recorded three podcasts, written five blogs, and a bunch of class material. And, all of these things surrounded teaching God’s word. I didn’t write any financial blogs. Didn’t do a daily update on the Dodgers. Didn’t record a diary entry. All of this centered around God’s glorious Word.

  I think sometimes when one is in the middle of so much and all he sees is deadlines, commitments and a whole bunch of “I gotta get that done,” that he fails to realize what an honor it is to be doing what he is doing. Only the chosen got to be apostles. Only certain ones got to be prophets. But to be allowed to teach Bible class, no matter what the age and to be able to help others on their journey with the Lord is the greatest thing one can do.

  Our passage today talks about how beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings. This is not talking about good looking feet or pretty toes. It’s the blessing to carry God’s word. It’s a blessing to have others who want to learn and grow from your efforts and studies. It’s a blessing to help shape lives through the Lord. People show up and they want to hear what you have learned and seen from God’s word.

The burden and obligation of day to day things that must be done can steal the love and the joy of serving for the Lord. If not careful, what so many of us do, becomes just a job. The tasks and checking off what needs to be done becomes our focus. We forget about people and souls. We don’t see lives changed and hope building. We fail to see faith being strengthened and people making sacrifices for the Lord. Just another class. Just another sermon. Are they? Or, are they the tools and the steps to help others see the Lord? Shepherding can fall into this same trap. We forget what and why we are doing what we do.

Those thoughts kept me up on a tired night. But the next morning I had a renewed energy because I found the purpose. It wasn’t teaching a class, or writing another article, it was helping others to see Jesus. Joy replaced the weariness. So one can come into a weekend with the thought, “I have to preach a sermon,” or, “I get to teach people God’s word.” Have to or get to, they are not the same. Have to leads to weariness and burnout. Get to, never tires. Get to, looks for exciting ways to share with others. Have to, only sees the immediate job that needs to be done. Get to, sees hearts, souls and lives that the Lord loves.

  The father of John the baptist had an opportunity to go into the temple to serve as a priest. There were so many divisions of priests and so many to serve, that he likely did not get to do this very often. How special that would have been. How excited he would have been. Calendar marked, up early that day, he was to serve the Lord in the temple. Doubt he had to have someone remind him. Doubt others were waiting around wondering if he was going to show up that day. This was an honor. This was special. And, for so many of us, it’s not a once or twice in our lifetime opportunity. Many of us get to serve before the Lord every week. I can imagine ole’ Zacharias being a bit jealous of us and wishing he had the many times to serve as we do. We can certainly take these opportunities for granted and forget that we are serving the Lord.

  The joy of serving the Lord, encouraging brethren and helping others is the drive and the motive of what we ought to be doing. The deadlines, commitments and things that have to get done must not lead us to what is most important, and that is, serving in the kingdom.

  We are blessed to be allowed in the kingdom, let alone to be participants in these things. God has placed these wonderful opportunities into our hands. We are honored and must do our best.