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Jump Start # 3043

Jump Start # 3043

Revelation 2:24 “But I say to you, the rest who are in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not known the deep things of Satan, as they call them—I Place no other burden on you.

  The deep things of Satan—other translations phrase this as, “The secrets of Satan.” This is one of those expressions that can peak a lot of excitement, ideas, theories and speculations in a Bible class. What are “the deep things of Satan?” We want to know. I’m not exactly sure. But one thing I know, the faithful at Thyatira did not know. They did not know the deep things of Satan.

  Now some thoughts for us:

First, some people know everything that is wrong but very little that is right. Paul told the Ephesians that there were certain things that were done in secret that are not worth mentioning. In fact, the apostle said that it was “disgraceful” even to mention them. We can spend a lot of time studying the wrongs of other religions without ever knowing what’s right with ours. Some know how to complain, but they don’t know how to encourage. Some know how to knock down, but they don’t know how to build up. Some know how to destroy a marriage, but they don’t know how to make a marriage flourish. Some can split a church, but they don’t know how to make the church grow. Some spend so much time chasing the rabbits of error, that they don’t recognize truth. The faithful at Thyatira did not know the deep things of Satan.

  Second, one doesn’t have to be an intellectual to be right. This is not an excuse for being ignorant or not studying. But let us not be intimidated because someone is employed at a university or has multiple degrees, has authored a book, has appeared on TV, or the lecture circuit. Those things does not mean a person is right. We need to be able to talk logically. Our faith is not blind nor without evidence. There seems to be an intellectual snobbiness among too many today. If you do not carry the right degrees behind your name, what you say is discredited and ignored. The apostles were known as “uneducated and untrained,” yet they spoke with confidence. Our confidence is not in ourselves or our degrees or what others have said. Our boldness comes from knowing the Lord. God said—good enough for me. The first preachers were common fishermen. And, through them, the kingdom grew and grew.

  Third, the mind has the potential to excel to the heavens or drop to the depths of hell. With our minds, we can fill them with good thoughts, noble causes, and great ideas. The Lord can be honored. Our fellow man can be helped. But with that same mind, one can become as base as an animal. He can be cruel, wicked, godless and harmful to fellow man. All around us are great books, great people, and great things to do. Likewise, around us are terrible books, wicked people and harmful things to do. What do we fill our days pursuing? What do we feed our soul and mind? Are we getting better or worse, year after year? Negative. Pessimistic. Selfish. Worldly. Potty mouth. Hateful. Violent. Where does that come from? It comes from a mind, heart and soul that has eaten the poison of the world. It comes from the choices one has made. It comes from the people that one has invited into his life. The movies. The books. The music. These can lift our spirits or they can drag us deeper into the clutches of Satan.

  This is why at very early ages, what a child is fed into his mind can determine the choices he will have later in life. Goodness. Godliness. Grace. Love. Thankfulness. Serving. Build upon those things and build a character that pursues the Lord.

  The deep things of Satan…just leave them alone. They belong in a locked box that will never be opened again. Don’t waste time studying what’s wrong. Spend your time with what is right. I don’t have to know how crooked a stick is. All I need to do is lay a straight stick beside it. That’s enough.

  Jesus said, “you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”