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Jump Start #3125

Jump Start # 3125

John 4:7 “There came a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus said to her, ‘Give Me a drink.’”

  It is fascinating seeing the flow of people that pass through Jesus’ life. In John 3 there is Nicodemus, the knowledgeable rabbi who would have strictly followed God’s law. Turn the page, and we come to our verse, the Samaritan woman. She has been through multiple marriages and was now living with someone. Her life seemed like a train wreck. A few pages later, there was a woman brought to Him who had been caught in adultery.

  Throughout the Gospel journey, there are centurions, synagogue officials, parents, tax collectors and eventually, Roman officials. In this short three year period, there were so many people that came into the life of Jesus.

 But, isn’t that true of us? Look at the people that have intersected your life and passed through your journey. High school friends. College roommates. Teachers. Coaches. Family. Co-workers. Brethren. Some we will never forget and others we hardly remember. Some are in and out of our lives like a meteor streaking across the night sky. Others have been there for decades. Life long friends. Some have helped us. Some have stood in the way and were difficult. Some we really loved. Some we tried to love, but it was hard.

  Now, from this, some lessons for us:

  First, every person you met had a story and a past, just as you do. Some stories are so amazing that it is hard to believe. Some have overcome great obstacles. But you have a story. You have a past. Some have never moved on from their past. Some were marked forever by their past. Some rose to great heights, in spite of their past.

  Second, every person in our story needed Jesus, just as you do. Some seemed to need Jesus a lot, but we all do. Every person has been stained by sin and have hurt God because of their selfish choices. Some would never admit to that. Some do not realize that. But it’s there, and we realize that.

  Third, every person in your story was loved by Jesus. That’s a lesson for us. Sometimes we have trouble loving some. Sometimes we don’t want to love. But Jesus did. He said it and He proved it by going to the cross. His death wasn’t for a few, but for all. It was for those who we might call enemies. It was for those who we may not like. Jesus love all. Jesus loved us. Jesus loved you.

  Fourth, Jesus offered salvation, hope and Heaven for every person in your story. There may be some that we would not associate with today. There may be some that we would not invite to our homes today. The promise of Jesus was for all people, including us and including you.

  Aside from the apostles, I wonder if Jesus had some people that He liked more than others? I wonder if Mary, Martha and Lazarus were high on His list of friends?

  People in our lives. You indeed are very rich if you can have a handful of faithful friends who are followers of Jesus. We need to be with people who are traveling the same direction we are. We need to have dear to our hearts those who can help us spiritually and make a difference for us.

  Facebook as brought back to our lives people that we have lost touch with through the years. That can be good and it also can be bad. Before you open the doors to your heart to another person, consider whether or not that person can help you with the Lord.

  Who is dear to your heart? Have you told them?

  People in our lives. Where would we be without them? Fellowship in Christ is a sweet, sweet blessing and someday we will be together forever!