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Jump Start #3128

Jump Start # 3128

Psalms 48:14 “For such is God, Our God forever and ever; He will guide us until death.”

  Our verse today is found within one of the wonderful praise Psalms written by the sons of Korah, or more accurately, the grandsons of Korah. Through the gloom of our troubles and times, these Psalms have a wonderful way of lifting our eyes Heavenward and reminding us that the Lord is The Lord and that He will see us safely through.

  Biblical hope is not a wish. We wish for good weather, and it rains. We wish we had a rich uncle who put us in his will, but all of our uncles are broke and jobless. Wishing is just that, it’s wishing. Many times, if not most times, wishes are thoughts we’d like to see become reality but there is nothing to base it upon. There is no proof that they will come true.

  Hope is different. Hope is founded upon the promises of God. Hope is sure and absolute. We know it will be, because God promised. What we don’t know is when it will be. Hope has nothing to do with crossing your fingers, finding a four-leaf clover or wishing upon a falling star. That’s the stuff of movies. Biblical hope is wrapped around the word of God. It’s founded and based upon what God has said. There is something substantial and evidential to Biblical hope. Our faith is not blind. Our faith is not a pipe dream or something we made up. It’s real. It’s true. It will be. It is part of God.

  So things such as Heaven, forgiveness, eternity, seeing God are not just wonderful dreams, they are hope founded upon the character and the promises of God. They will be because God is.

  Now, back to our Psalm from Korah’s family, God will guide us until death. How do we know that? How do we know that when we are old that God will not turn His back to us or cut us loose? How do we know? The promise and hope of God. This passage tells us that He will guide us until death.

  When I think of that statement, guiding us until death, it brings to my mind the manned space missions through the years. A giant rocket would blast off into the sky, with American astronauts on board. From the moment that rocket leaves the launch pad, it is being traced on radar. Mission Control has their eye on that rocket all the time. Once the planned mission is completed, the focus is upon bringing the astronauts safely home. They are guided all the way home.

  This verse reminds us that God guides us all the way home. There is never a time, nor, never a moment when God doesn’t guide us. And, here are some thoughts about that:

  First, we need God’s guidance when we are young. Our lack of experience and wisdom can get us into all kinds of trouble. Following the crowd and seeking popularity often puts us in dangerous waters. We need God’s warnings to keep us grounded, safe and godly. The far country pulls many young people away from the Lord.

  Second, we need God’s help when we are newly married. There are so many new things to get adjusted to and transitioning from selfishness to a servant is nearly impossible without the help of the Lord. We need God to guide us. We need God’s help as our careers take off. A lot of pressure, choices and influences come into our lives. God’s guidance will help us make the right decisions and to remain focused upon the Lord.

Third, we need God’s guidance as we grow in the kingdom and serve His people. We need to learn humility and love. We need to have the heart of a servant. We develop and use our talents the Lord has given us to honor Him and help others in their walk with the Lord.

  Fourth, and as our verse says, God will guide us until death. As our journey ends here, we need God’s guidance to help us leave visible footsteps for others to follow. As our journey ends here, we need the comfort and assurance of God’s word as we face that ugly doorway of death.

  Guidance and hope—both found wrapped together tightly in the love of God for us. Why does God guide us until death? Because He loves us and He wants to bring us safely home. For every stage in life, and for every challenge that life presents to us, God is there to lead us, guide us, and bring us safely home.

  The guidance is there. It’s like a trail or a path through the woods. Stay on the path and you’ll reach your destination. Don’t look for short cuts. Don’t blaze your own trail. The way of the Cross leads home. It’s up to us to stick to the path. It’s up to us to accept God’s guidance. It’s up to us to realize God’s way is the direction that we need to be going. The culture of today points another direction. And with that, the world wishes for Heaven. But there is nothing to that wish. The righteous, following the path of God, have a divine hope that is sure and absolute.

  All the way my Savior leads me…