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Jump Start #3198

Jump Start # 3198

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

  Our verse today is the opening statement in the Bible. For Israel heading to the promise land, where every kind of god imaginable existed, they needed to re reminded of this. The pagans worship rocks and rivers and stars and the moon, but the One true God made it all. In the beginning God created.

  That statement is mocked and ridiculed by professors in the universities today. Many scientists have no time to deal with such foolishness as they see it. Yet, without realizing it, the theories of evolution is wrapped around a lot of faith. It’s not faith in God, but faith in things not proven, witnessed or explainable. To be honest, evolution is a faith based system. It parallels Christianity in that way, except Christianity has provable evidence.

  Many think that the choice is between science or the Bible. That’s not the choice. Science is not opposite of the Bible. The choice is between believing evolution or believing the Bible. While many feel superior because they stand with the popular evolution, there are some dreadful consequences of evolution that most do not recognize nor want to admit.

  First, the consequences of evolution makes the Bible a bad book. The Bible becomes a book of lies, false claims, empty promises and erroneous history, if evolution is true. The Bible is not inspired by the Holy Spirit if evolution is true. The Bible is a product of man and only man and it belongs on the fiction shelf if evolution is true.

  Those that want to build a bridge between evolution and the Bible are most confused. One can’t have a foot in both. It’s all evolution or it’s all Bible. And, if evolution is true, one has to confess that the Bible is bunk.

  Second, if evolution is true, then we are only responsible to society. There is no higher authority than the society one lives in. And, as societies change, so do the rules and so does what is right and wrong. It’s hard to condemn an oppressive nation like Nazi Germany in the 1940’s, when that country supported the evil it was doing. What makes wrong wrong? In the world of evolution, it’s what people determine. If enough people wanted wrong to be right, then it is. Without any higher authority than self, or society, the strongest rule and the weakest are helpless. In the world of evolution, it’s hard to explain why murder is wrong. It’s not right, someone says. Maybe another person thinks it is right. It’s not nice, someone says. Nice doesn’t matter, goes the reply. We need to be good to one another. Why? Without a standard, without an absolute moral law, without an authority that we all answer to, one cannot say that murder is wrong. Change the laws of the land, and then murder becomes lawful.

  Third, if evolution is true, then we are hopelessly on our own. There is no one to pray to. There is no one greater than us to help. And, this is it. If evolution is true, there is no Heaven. There is no life after death. The tears at a funeral never end, because you will never see that person again. If evolution is true, the world is dark and getting darker all the time. There is no Savior. There is no forgiveness. Grace doesn’t happen.

  And, the big questions in life go unanswered. Questions such as why do people suffer? The Bible has an answer. Questions such as where did we come from? The Bible has an answer. Questions such as what are we supposed to do? The Bible has an answer. Questions such as what is the purpose of all of this? The Bible has an answer. Evolution has no answers.

  Why spend a lifetime going to work, if this is it? Why try to live morally if this is it? Why be generous if this is it? The world painted by evolution is dark, hopeless and without value. Misery abounds. Confusion fills hearts. Emptiness and loneliness prevail.

  Fourth, if evolution is true there is no hope. There is no hope in life getting better. There is no reason for society to improve. There is no belief that our children will have a better life than we do. Not in evolution. Every funeral is the end, in evolution. There is no difference between an animal and a human in evolution. Why grow old in the system of evolution? There is nothing to look forward to. Suicide looks good in evolution. Sin without consequences is the world of evolution. It’s a world built on self and nothing else. Do what you feel like. Do what makes you happy. It’s all about self.

  And, layered right beneath the surface of evolution are the challenging questions that no one wants to talk about. If the Bible is from man, why isn’t there any other book like it? If it is from man, how does it define practices that were not known at the time?

  If evolution is true, why is there no evidence of macro evolution between species? Where’s the proof?

  If evolution is true, why does the world scream of order, creation, and design? Explain that.

 If evolution is true, why is there evidence of man and dinosaurs at the same time? Why is there evidence of a worldwide flood? Why do so many things point to God and not to atheism?

If evolution is true, how does non-life, like a rock, produce life, like a cell?

  The truth be told, believing in evolution is easy. Close your eyes, do what you want and live as if there are no consequences or responsibilities to others. But the picture remains dark, depressing and lonely. Hope is with the Lord. Promises are with the Lord. The best life is with the Lord. The evidence is with the Lord.

  In the beginning God…that’s how it starts. He knows. He was there.