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Jump Start #3207

Jump Start # 3207

John 3:19 “This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil.”

  Our verse defines the culture of the first century. It likewise illustrates every generation since the first century. Jesus is the Light. Jesus came but people loved the darkness more than the Son of God. What is it like when people love darkness? Understanding this, helps us to understand our times.

  First, things that are wrong appeal to people more than things that are right. For God’s people, we see the trail of destruction that follows wrong choices. We see misery and pain. We see the heartache. We see the innocent that suffer. But that doesn’t matter to those who love darkness. They love darkness. They don’t think about consequences. God is not on their radar. Having fun doing dark things is what it is all about for lovers of darkness.

  Second, darkness will be supported, defended and voted for by most people. Even though darkness is harmful and destructive, people want it. They love darkness. It’s hard after an election to understand why some candidates who support decency, law and order and fairness are defeated. Their opponents are often strongly supporting legalizing drugs and giving more rights to the criminal than the victim. Why is it that way? Our verse tells us. Men love darkness rather than the Light. It’s beyond Red and Blue, left and right, republican and democrat, it’s about darkness and light. People love darkness.

  So, when lovers of darkness are in position of government or big business, their decisions are going to side with the policies of darkness. They love darkness and darkness is what they want. It’s not a matter of what is best, what is right, or even where the facts line up. It all comes down to some love darkness. And, when one loves darkness, he doesn’t care about truth, right, fairness or what is the best thing to do. He’s all about darkness. The darker it becomes, the more he loves it.

  Third, not only are those who love the Light in the minority, it is hard for them to understand the rest of the world. Why do people do these things? They love darkness is the answer. Why do people act so selfish? They love darkness. Why is crime increasing? They love darkness. Why are so many shows indecent and immoral? They love darkness. Why is it that everywhere you turn, alcohol is everywhere? They love darkness. Why are churches dwindling these days? They love darkness.

  All through the book of Acts we read of the accelerating growth of the church. It was exploding upon the first century world. But, even with that, one must realize that more were in darkness than the Light. More loved the darkness than they loved the Light. One cannot really call this a “Christian nation,” when more love darkness than they do the Light. In our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our places of work, at the movies, at concerts, at shows, at the gym, all around us, will be those who love darkness. They will talk about darkness. They will laugh about dark things. They will be obsessed with darkness. They will know all about dark things. And, the reason is simple. They love darkness. That is their world. That is their life. That is what they know.

Fourth, the people of God will truly stand out. We are the light of the world. We are shinning so brightly in a very dark world. Around us are people whose values, beliefs, likes and definitions are so different that what ours are. We are Light and they are darkness. We will stand out. We will be noticed. We will be different. And, there will be some that will be attracted to that Light. There will be some that notice and are curious. There will be some that see a difference and appreciate that difference. Some will mock you because you do not participate in the darkness that they love. Some will pressure you to engage in dark deeds with them. But, there will be a few that appreciate goodness, kindness, grace, thoughtfulness, and Light. Some are weary of darkness. Some have seen the misery that comes with darkness. Some are looking for something else, something better, something real. And, that brings them to you.

  Don’t try to blend in with darkness. Don’t try to act like darkness. Don’t worry that lovers of darkness want nothing to do with you. You are Light. You follow the Light.

  It’s hard to understand why some people do what they do. Jesus sums it up the best, by telling us that they are lovers of darkness. Be thankful for Jesus. Be thankful that someone helped you walk out of darkness into the Light of Jesus. Be thankful that you have left that old, broken world behind you.

  The Thessalonians were told, “We are of the day.” We walk in the Light. We are of the Light.