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Luke 1:30 “And the angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God.’”

  Mary was chosen by God to carry Jesus into the world. We are not told much about Mary. Why her? Our verse tells us enough. She found favor with God. Most tend to think that Mary was young, possibly even a teenager.  And, like young David, generations before, out in the fields tending sheep, God saw something in him. His faith. His choices. His heart. Those are the things that God noticed.

  Have you ever thought about the parallels with David and Mary?

  First, both were so young. Today, we’d think that they both needed more experience. What God was putting in their hands was incredible. The fate of the nation was going to be placed upon the shoulders of David. Raising the Christ child would rest with Mary. And, when we think about those two, neither had much knowledge nor experience in what God called them to do. It’s one thing to lead and protect sheep, but people are so different. People have attitudes and opinions and most do not like to be told what to do, especially from someone younger than they are. And, Mary, what did she know about babies? What did she know about being a parent?

  However, our Great God had confidence in both of them. God believed in them. Perfect they were not. But they manifested a heart of trust and faith, which is so incredible to the Lord.

  Second, it seems that both David and Mary had a healthy environment to know the Lord and to exercise their faith. God didn’t just roll the divine dice and pick those two without any consideration. He never does that. He saw in both of them the right elements of faith, courage, and trust. Those things just do not drop out of the skies. Parents who loved the Lord must have established the foundation of trust and truth in the Lord. But from there, they took those principles to a higher and deeper level. Heaven noticed them. Heaven chose them.

  Third, both knew the bitter taste of disappointment, failure and pain. Mary must have heard what people were saying about her son. Mary saw the death of her son, the beloved Jesus. For David, there was King Saul who tried to kill him. Later, there was his own son who tried to kill him. Being chosen by God did not put them on a golden sidewalk in which nothing bad ever happened. David had his mistakes. But what better people to walk through those valleys than those who stand out because of their faith and trust in the Lord.

  Fourth, what a bridge for us to think about our young people today. Don’t give them a pass because they are young. Don’t discount a lack of faith, interest or zeal because they are young. Don’t think that they are not capable of doing great things in the kingdom. Young, powerful, faithful, that’s how David and Mary are introduced to us.

  Sometimes we waste those young years and find ourselves behind because we weren’t diligent. Faith didn’t grow. Opportunities passed by unnoticed. Little good to talk about during those teen years. For way too many of us, that’s our story. It was my story. I sat on the backrow of the church, goofing around too much. How many powerful sermons did I miss? How many great opportunities I never saw because at the time I wasn’t interested?

  I’m thankful for the great teens that I see where I preach. Interested. Excited. Engaged. And, I expect Heaven notices. What a great advantage those young people will have. Their faith will take them far. They will help so many people.

  David and Mary—young and chosen by God. Sure is something to think about…