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Jump Start # 3277

Jump Start # 3277

Ecclesiastes 2:25 “For apart from Him who can eat or who can have enjoyment?

    The early chapters of Ecclesiastes reminds me of throwing a dirt clod down a dusty road. There isn’t much to write home about. Life seems monotonous. Wisdom doesn’t get you anywhere. Materialism is showy and empty. There is a certainty of death that no one can escape. Just a dirt clod thrown down a dusty road.

  But a turning point takes place late in the second chapter. Solomon brings up God’s name in a delightful and positive fashion. And, throughout the rest of this journal that we call Ecclesiastes, Solomon points the audience to the blessings of God.

  Apart from Him, our verse begins. Without Him. No Him. That leaves us on our own. That means there is no one to help us. That means there is no one to pray to. Apart from Him, there really is no life. Jesus came to give abundant life, John tells us. And, that life doesn’t start in Heaven, but now. Down here, in this broken and sad place we call earth, disciples find abundant life. They find a reason to rejoice. They are thoroughly thankful. Because of Him, life, even down here, is filled with purpose, joy and hope. The darkness of a lost world cannot conceal the sunlight of our glorious Savior.

  Vacations, ballgames and concerts can put moments of happiness on the face of the world, but it doesn’t last. It never lasts. True enjoyment is only found in the Lord.

  Some thoughts:

 First, there is a great enjoyment in knowing that one is pleasing the Lord. Doing right not only is good, it makes one feel good. The five talent man was welcomed with these words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Well done! A spiritual high five. A tip of the hat. A smile upon the face. You did it and you did it well.

  And, what a profound and wonderful thought that is and what a refreshing image of God that paints in our hearts. I get the impression from some that God always frowns. God is never happy with us. We can never do enough and can never please Him. Some have grown up in homes like that. Got good grades on the report card, not good enough. Should have been number one in your class. Made varsity, not good enough. Should have been team captain or MVP. Never satisfied. Radar gun always pointed at us. Our mistakes and failures are the first things noticed. That makes it tough as a child growing up in a home like that. But when we transfer that image to God, it turns serving Him into duty and drudgery rather than passion and love.

  Well done, the master said. The text doesn’t say this, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine the master having a big smile upon his face when he said that. He was pleased. He was happy. You and I can please God.

  Second, there is a great enjoyment in our fellowship together. Even on those dark days when the tears flow and fears are high, such comfort, strength and help comes from being together. Together in faith. Together in victories. Together in trials. Together in worship. Together in prayers. People who understand God and you. People who walk close to the Savior. What enjoyment that is. The best people on the face of the earth are God’s people.

  Third, we know that this enjoyment isn’t for a moment, but it is eternal. God is with us now and forever. The enjoyment is much more than a few laughs now and then, a nice meal, the comforts of home. The enjoyment comes from deep within. It is a satisfaction and a contentment found with God. It is knowing that He loves you and you walk with Him. And, best of all, it doesn’t end.

  The eternal is beyond our understanding. Everything we know, except for God, has a beginning and an end. Every movie. Every song. Every book, including the Bible. Every day. Beginning and an end. But, eternity has no end to it. One never has to leave to go somewhere else. One isn’t pressed to find something else to do. The journey ends in the presence of God. He is the joy, the hope and the promise.

  Apart from Him, Solomon said, who can find enjoyment. And the opposite? With Him, what abundant joy, comfort and peace there is. It is great to be a child of God.