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Ecclesiastes 8:17 “then I saw all the work of God, that man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun. However much man may toil in seeking, he will not find it out. Even though a wise man claims to know, he cannot find it out.”

  Our Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening class on Ecclesiastes is drawing to a end very soon. It is always a great study when one walks through Solomon’s journal that we call Ecclesiastes. Our verse today makes a simple proclamation that we know all too well. We do not know all that God does. Worldwide, our Lord is busy, always.

  Just imagine in one typical day, if there is such a thing as a typical day, for the Lord:

How many prayers did God answer today? We get overwhelmed with all the texts, emails and phones we have in a day. Mothers with sick children, praying Heavenward. Scared soldiers not knowing where the enemy is, praying to be safe this day. The lonely senior citizen sitting in an assisted living facility, wishing that someone would call them, prays to God. The shepherd in the church who is concerned about the choices that some have made, lifts that name to Heaven. American prayers. African prayers. European prayers. Prayers from those who have walked closely with the Lord for decades. Prayers from those who are seeking and they are not sure. Prayers from those who are hurting and they have lost all hope.

  Imagine, just today, how many prayers our Lord hears. We will never know. The pains. The hurts. The confusion. All reaching upward for help.

How many blessings did God send today? Blessings such as a new day. Blessings such as prayers answered “yes.” Blessings such as prodigals coming home. Blessings such as joys in our lives. So many people. So many needs. The hungry. The miserable. The lost. The discouraged. Those who have given up. Rain and sunshine  – blessings from God. They nourish the earth and they supply what is needed for growth. Little blessings like a flower blooming. Big blessings such as a new baby born. The blessings of hearts joined together in marriage. The blessings of fellowship and worship. So many blessings worldwide. Just how many blessings did the Lord send today?

  God’s storehouse never runs empty. There is never a back order because of a lack of supplies.

How many sins has God forgiven today? How many prayers have been lifted from hearts broken because of the deception of sin? How many have seen the addiction and destruction of sin and they are ready to leave the wilderness? How many obeyed God today in baptism? How many disciples have begged God for mercy today? There is no limit to the lovingkindness and mercy of our God. Just today, how many sins have been forgiven?

How many doors has the Lord opened today for His people? How many intersections with others has God arranged so someone could be shown the Gospel way? How many people seeking God’s help for a better life, find that today? How many hearts have been encouraged today? How many have heard the Gospel message today?

  How many of God’s children has He called home today? Old disciples who have finished their long journey, keeping their faith and finally, finishing their course just as God wanted them to? Tears flow on earth, but Heaven rejoices to receive a child of God home, safe and sound. How many shepherds who have given their heart to protecting God’s people and leading them carefully to Jesus have been called home today? Their work touch the lives of so many and made such an incredible difference. How many preachers of God’s golden message have been called home today? Their voices were used to teach the righteous ways of God. Working tirelessly, often with very merger means, they changed the eternal destiny of others. Now, called home to God, their voices are quiet.

  No one knows the works of the Lord. These thoughts wrap around one day, just today. Now, imagine what the Lord has done this week. Now, what has the Lord done this month? Now, what has the Lord done this year? Now what has the Lord done in your lifetime?

  I do believe that when we get to the other side we will be amazed at all the things the Lord has done for us that we never realized. God doesn’t tell us these things. God doesn’t keep a spreadsheet and share it with us. God doesn’t brag about these things. In parts of the kingdom we never see, things are happening. In lives all around us, things are happening.

  And, all of this ought to make us not only be thankful but to proclaim, God is so good…He is so good to me!