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Jump Start #3324

Jump Start # 3324

Special Note: Several years ago we put together a series of Jump Starts for the graduate. We are in that season and if you would like a booklet please email me (Rogshouse@aol.com). These are always free.

1 Timothy 6:15 “which He will bring about at the proper time—He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and the Lord of lords.”

  Recently, Prince Charles of England was officially coronated as the king of England. It is interesting looking at this through an American perspective. There was a lot of pomp, expense and symbolism in the appointing of the new king. Charles now is the head of the church of England and head of the British monarchy. He lives in palaces, has a staff of literally hundreds that do things for him. There are crowns that he wears and thrones that he sits upon. But, how did Charles get to that position? He didn’t win any election. He never had to campaign. He didn’t climb the ladder, pay his dues or beat out other rivals. None of that happened. He did not have a resume that just made him the natural choice. No. Charles happened to be born to the right person and in the right birth order. It was nothing that he did that achieved this high and noble rank. It was purely luck. Born to the right person and born in the right birth order. That was it. He’s king because his mother was the queen. Charles happened to be in the right blood line. That is his only claim to fame. Good or bad, qualified or not, he is the new king because of blood line. That’s it.

  One of the hymns we sing is, “He’s my King.” The chorus goes, “He’s my king and O I dearly love Him; He’s my King, no other is above Him; all day long enraptured praise I sing, He’s my Savior, He’s my King.” Jesus also had a blood line. He was in the blood line of David, but that’s not the sole reason why Jesus is the King. Jesus proved that He is the worthy king.

  First, Jesus is the Creator. His position, long before David, before Abraham, before Noah and before, even Adam, the first man, is that He is before all and above all. It wasn’t luck of birth that made Jesus king. Jesus is equal to His Father. Jesus is God.

   Second, Jesus proved His worthiness through a pure and perfect life, through those impossible miracles, through His glorious teaching. No one was like Jesus. No one could do what Jesus did. He’s the king because of who He is and because of what He has done.

  Third, Jesus was the chosen one. He was the only begotten of the Father. The Messiah. The hope of Israel. The sacrifice for the world. Jesus’ time on earth wasn’t like English nobility. There wasn’t servants serving Him. In fact, He served others. There was no palaces. No body guards. People challenged Him. They questioned Him. They accused Him. They rejected Him. They killed Him.

  Fourth, Jesus conquered death, crushed Satan and through His blood brought redemption for all who believe in Him. That’s Jesus. That’s why He is our king. King Charles in England won’t impact our lives hardly at all. Life goes on for us. But our King, Jesus, not only has changed our past, He has given us a purpose and a future and through Him our family destiny has been reshaped. All around the globe, thousands of years later, what Jesus has done is still being told and is still changing lives. Jesus lives. And, for the believer, we not only bow our hearts to Him in devotion, but things will only get better. A day is coming, when our King will come and we will spend forever with Him in eternity.

  Charles was lucky. Jesus was proven. Charles was given everything. Jesus had everything, but gave it up. Charles may not be a good leader, time will tell. Jesus, before He sat down at the right hand of God, had demonstrated that He was the way, truth and the Life. He had lived as the good shepherd. He healed the hurting, calmed storms, drove demons out and raised the dead. There is no limit to the power or borders to the kingdom of God. To see Jesus, was to see the Father. Jesus was driven by compassion, not power.

  One day, Charles, like his mother, Elizabeth, will die and the power will be shifted to yet someone else in the family. Not our King. He lives. He reigns. No one else will ever take His place.

  Indeed, He’s my King, and O I dearly love Him Jesus was the fulfilment of God’s divine plan to save us from our sins.