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Jump Start #3327

Jump Start # 3327

John 21:13 “Jesus came and took the bread, and gave them and the fish likewise.”

  The resurrected Jesus is the keystone to the faith of the disciple. The resurrection not only demonstrates God’s love but it crushes Satan. We will be raised, because He was raised. The forty days Jesus spent after the tomb opened is lacking a lot of details for us. Where did He go? What all did He do? Just little glimpses here and there is what we have.

  One of the interesting things to note is that on three separate occasions, Jesus ate. He ate after being raised.

· Luke 24:30 Jesus is breaking bread, blessing it and giving it to the two men on the road to Emmaus. The text doesn’t state that Jesus specifically ate, but it certainly implies that, especially when on understands the closeness of gathering around the table.

· Luke 24:42-43 Jesus took broiled fish and ate it in front of others

· John 21:13 Jesus cooked some fish for the apostles and it certainly seems that they ate together

  Eating after the resurrection presents all kinds of questions in our minds. Obviously, the Lord had a physical presence. He told Thomas to put his hand in His side and to see His nail prints. Luke tells us that Jesus vanished from the sight of the two men from Emmaus. But eating?

  Some thoughts for us:

  First, there are lots of things we simply do not understand about the resurrected state. In Corinthians, Paul uses the illustration of a seed and a plant. The seed is our current body. It dies and goes into the ground. What comes up looks so much nicer than that little brown seed that was planted. It is referred to as a glorified state. In John’s letters he says that we will be like Him. Will we eat? Will we need to eat? So much curiosity, mystery and unknowns about this. We’d like to know. We want answers. But, in all of this, we have to trust God. Whatever it will be like, it will be wonderful, because it is designed by God.

  Second, technically, the ‘last supper,’ wasn’t the last time Jesus ate before He left this planet. The Passover meal fed into the inauguration of the Lord’s Supper. It was the final meal before the Cross. It was the meal pitched with symbolism and meaning. These three post-resurrection occasions of Jesus’ eating center around closeness, teaching and fellowship. So much of Jesus’ life centered around the meal. The feeding of the 5,000. In the home of Mary and Martha, as Mary is sitting and Martha is serving. In the home of Simon, the leper. In the home of Zaccheus. In the home of a tax collector. The closeness, fondness and warmth of sitting around the table eating was a huge part of our Lord’s life.

  Third, why include those details about Jesus eating post resurrection in our Bibles? Maybe it was to show that Jesus wasn’t a ghost. Maybe to show that His love and affection for others had not changed. He had died, but everything was the same. The disciples knew who He was. And, the Lord, recognized and called Peter by name. Could this be a glimpse into what the next room in God’s house is like? Will we know each other? Will we recognize one another? That is asked all the time. And, what if mamma didn’t make it? There are not supposed to be any tears in Heaven. What about that? First, if mamma is still on this side of things, do all you can to get her to know the Lord. Second, if God can stop the sun, create the universe by just saying words, part seas, stop the mouths of lions, He can certainly take care of our memory and such things. Don’t worry about those things. God will take care of you. He’s got this.

  The resurrected Jesus, walking, talking, eating, sitting and connecting with the disciples. It’s like nothing had changed. But it had. Jesus had died. Jesus was back. And, maybe when we open our eyes on the other side, everything will seem just like it has, except we will be in God’s house. Jesus knew Peter and Peter knew Jesus. Dead, resurrected, nothing had changed in their relationship.

  Will we be eating in Heaven? I don’t know. I tend to doubt it because Heaven is a spiritual realm. Pearl gates, golden street, rainbows, thrones, crowns—all significant language to help us grasp and see the beauty and glory of God in His home.

  Someday we are out of this place. Someday those graves will open up. Someday we will be raised. What a grand and glorious day that will be.