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Jump Start #3340

Jump Start # 3340

2 Corinthians 10:5 “We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

  Our verse doesn’t fit well in the description of a Christian that some have. By their thinking, Christians are always smiling, always peaceful, always getting along and always avoiding confrontations. Never judging, never correcting, never telling others that they need to change, is how some see it. Jude talks about snatching some out of the fire. The Galatians were told to restore those who were in sin. And, our verse today uses the terms “destroying” and taking “captive.” Paul paints a picture of conflict, war and battle.

  Recently, I presented a three part series about “Our Identity.” This was much more than understanding what the Bible teaches about gender, it was about who we are, our purpose and our destiny. Our identity is woven through those concepts.

  Satan is actively trying to deceive the world. He does that by convincing our culture that they know more than God does. He deceives those who are in power, because they shape policy and make products. He deceives those of influence, because people follow them. And, he deceives those who educate because they change minds and the way people think.

  And, all around us we are witnessing these very things taking place. In politics, in sports, in glamour, in media, in movies, in the halls of education, and in stores, we see this strong push to make the unacceptable acceptable. The drive is to make abnormal normal. And, the way it’s talked about so much, one would get the impression that a huge segment of our country is embracing this radical ideology. But major beer companies and stores are realizing that there is a silent majority that does not want these things in mainstream life or on Main Street of life. The push will continue. Say a lie loud enough and long enough and people will accept it.

  Our verse shows us the strong counter move by disciples. Speculations are being destroyed. Thoughts are being held captive. Now, just how is this done?

  First, it’s not a political move. It’s not about electing the right guy for office. Those early Christians didn’t have that option. Our hope is not in the Whitehouse, or even the court house. Our hope is in Heaven. Laws do not mean anything to those who do not keep laws.

  Second, the means of destroying speculations and taking thoughts captive is through the teaching of God’s word. Preach. Preach. Preach. God’s people must recognize what is right and what is wrong. Opening eyes to what God says will reveal how far from those truths that the world has sunk to. Our young people must know that our identity is not up in the air and we must determine it. God has determined it. God doesn’t make mistakes. We must discover what God has declared.

  Third, with our hearts standing upon God’s word, we become absolute in our convictions. We have a confidence in our faith and we become unwavering in our resolve. Much of noise these days is just that, noise. Shouting someone down doesn’t prove a position. Threats do not make right. Truthful evidence is what makes a difference. Those who lack conviction and faith, will cower in fear of being called a racist or prejudice. Rather than standing firm, many cave it. This is true in school systems, corporate board rooms and many religious institutions. Fear and false guilt will cause many to accept what they do not believe in.

  We are destroying…we are taking captive. How? By sticking with what God says. Remaining calm. Presenting truths. Staying factual. This will blow away the smoke of emotions that have nothing behind them.  The facts are, God has already determined our gender, our race and the times we will live in. Our gender cannot be changed. One might change the outside, but chromosomes, bone structure, muscle mass, the amount of red and white blood cells—none of that changes, even if a man puts on a dress, calls himself by a girl’s name, puts lipstick on his lips. A hundred years from now, if his bones were dug up, investigators would declare that he was a man, even though he may have claimed that he was a female.

  Facts. Faith. Bible. There is no way that God can be wrong. The fight is on and we know already who will win. God wins.