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Jump Start # 3360

Jump Start # 3360

NOTE: Tomorrow is a holiday. There will be no Jump Starts. We look forward to being back with you on Wednesday.

Romans 4:3 “For what does the Scripture say? ‘And Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him as righteousness.”

  Recently, I took a very special vacation. Now, understand, I have been on some very cool vacations from beaches to mountains, to Israel, to Alaska, to Europe. I’ve seen castles, cathedrals, museums and some of the best places in this world. I have truly been blessed. But this vacation was very different. It was in Houston, and it was HOT there, very hot. I saw no sites. Went to no museums. Caught no ballgames. But instead, I attended a lectureship at a congregation there. Four preachers. One of the preachers happened to be my son, Jordan. Every day we listened to two sermons in the morning and another two sermons in the evening. Sixteen sermons in four days. On top of that we sang each evening for thirty minutes.

  Now, some might declare, “You call that a vacation? Sixteen sermons in four days???” Some can’t even do two sermons on a Sunday. It was amazing. It fed the soul. Incredible brethren. Amazing fellowship. Powerful and passionate preaching. Great singing. No, it’s not the sand and the sea, but there are times in one’s life that engaging in the spiritual is vital and important. A spiritual vacation, not away from God but towards God. The depth, the good and the hope that such a week builds in one is immeasurable. If you have never tired it, you ought to. A spiritual feast. What a week it was. I would recommend it to everyone. We do things for our families. We do things for our bodies. We do things for our minds. But how about our souls?

  In our verse today, the apostle asks a most important question, “What does the Scripture say?” In a time when people are more interested in what they feel, we must ask, “What says the Scriptures?” In a culture when so many are jealous and borrowing ideas from the church down the street, we need to ask, “What does the Scripture say?” In a time when people are transitioning their genders, believing that God speaks directly to them, we must ask, “What does the Scripture say?”

  Some wouldn’t have a clue. Some wouldn’t understand why you would even bring the Scriptures into the conversation. Some do not care. But for the people of God, ‘What does the Scripture say’ has always been the beginning point and the ending point of our discussions. What you think really doesn’t matter. What some church says doesn’t matter. What a whole committee of people say doesn’t matter. Take a poll. What the majority believes, doesn’t matter. What matters is what does the Scripture say.

  Now consider:

  First, the Scriptures have something to say. What the Scriptures say is the voice of God. What the Scriptures say answers all arguments. What the Scriptures says reminds us of what is important. What the Scriptures say guides us to what is true and right. The first thought ought not be, “Here’s what I think.” Nor, should it be, “I feel this way.” Nor, “this is what I always believed.” No, the first question needs to be, “What does the Scripture say?”

  Second, not only does the Scripture have something to say, what the Scripture says always takes the top position in what we think. Many churches have left what the Scriptures say. Many could not even tell you what the Scriptures say. Some are more interested in fitting in to a world and culture that is moving away from the Lord. They’d rather please the community than anything else. In so doing that, they offend God. When the Bereans heard things, new things, different things, they searched the Scriptures to verify if they were true. The Scriptures made the difference. The Scriptures would point to what is right. It is alarming that so many would rather see which way the wind blows than to see what the Scriptures say.

Third, the Scriptures have something to say to us in these times. The Scriptures still work. The Scriptures still apply. The Scriptures remain relevant. Modern churches would do better if they stopped following the growth experts that have charts, theories, books, programs, but lack Scriptures. Do things God’s way is the only way. One cannot be right with God and wrong with His word.

 One of the greatest tools Satan has is to put some distance between God’s people and God’s word. Get us moving on emotions, feelings, borrowing ideas from mega churches, may make us popular and gain followings, but it’s not following God’s way. What says the Scriptures.

When trials and troubles come, what says the Scriptures?

  When it comes to evangelizing, what says the Scriptures?

  When faith and culture collide? What says the Scriptures?

  When it is believed that the new and different is better, what says the Scriptures?

 Maybe, it’s time to plan a spiritual vacation for your family. Get them around preachers who know what the Scriptures say. Get in an atmosphere of encouragement and hope.