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2 Peter 3:7 “For the present Heavens and earth by His word are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.”

  We began a new series of classes back home in our congregation. I’m teaching “How does it end?” Paul told the Corinthians, “Then comes the end, when He hands over the kingdom to the God and Father…” (1 Cor 15:24). Well, what happens at the end?

  It is easy to simply say, “Heaven and Hell. That’s what happens at the end.” While that is true, that question opens up several things that many have not considered before. Such as:

  First, there are several things that Biblically have already ended:

· The active role of prophets and apostles

· The tabernacle and temple and animal sacrifices

· The use of miracles

· The O.T. being the law for God’s people

· God talking directly to people

  Second, there are several things currently in our lives that will be ending:

· Time

· Physical world

· Death

· Crying, mourning, pain

· Lord’s Supper

· Preaching

· Baptisms

· Governments, laws and rules

· Congregations

· Marriage

· Our physical lives

· Opportunities

  Third, some things Biblically will never end:

· God

· Eternity

· Love of God

· Our souls

· The sovereignty and authority of God

· Fellowship with God

· Heaven and Hell

  The concept of Uniformitarianism is that things are constant, uniform, staying the same. Some in Peter’s day were saying that. Nothing changes. Everything remains the same. Because of that, they concluded that Jesus wasn’t coming.

  Our verse today indicates and implies that the world had changed. The present heavens and earth were not the same as the first heavens and earth. That first world was destroyed. How is the present world different?

  Genesis 1 makes it seem like all the land was in one place and all the sea was in one place. Not today. We have seven seas. Before the flood, man and animals were both vegetarians. Not after the flood. Before the flood, many lived several centuries. That changed after the flood.

  Although it’s the same planet we live on, it’s a different world. The present world is not like the first world. That’s Peter’s point. He is telling those mockers that you don’t understand history and more than that, you don’t understand God. If the Lord makes a promise, it will happen. “In His time,” is not the same as our time. If God said it, it will be.

  The day is coming when one won’t have any more opportunity to seek the grace of God. For the foolish virgins, in Jesus’ parable, the door was shut and they were not let in. In Noah’s time, the ark door was shut and those on the outside were not allowed in. Kicking the can down the road of what we ought to do is a dangerous way to live. All we have is today. Need to apologize? Do it today. Need to forgive? Do it today. Need to repent? Do it today. 

  A changing world…that’s what we call life.