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Jump Start #3405

Jump Start # 3405

2 Timothy 4:2 “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.”

  It was a beautiful Sunday morning. It was early. The sun was just coming up and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The air was cool. I was driving to the church building. I love those early Sunday morning drives. There are not many cars on the road. Things are quiet and peaceful and my mind was already thinking about the wonderful Lord that I was going to worship.

  As I was driving, my mind was working through my sermon that I’d preach that morning. I was thinking about the points, the passages and how I wanted to end it. The thought occurred to me about so many of my dear friends, all across the country, who were likely doing the same thing. Friends in Texas, who are preachers. Friends in Alabama who are preachers. Friends in Tennessee who are preachers. Friends here in Indiana who are preachers. Friends in Florida who are preachers. All across the country this morning, pulpits would be filled with men who love the Lord and want to see all draw closer to the Lord.

  Each of these preachers would be preaching different things. Some would be working through a text, carefully looking at the context and explaining words. Others would be trying to help someone who has a broken heart from the pain of the world. Some would be preaching about Jesus. Some would be explaining a principal or doctrine that is necessary in our walk with the Lord. Each would have an open Bible. Each would be speaking from the heart.

  All across the country God’s word would be echoed out, strong and clear. Some would preach the best sermons of their lives. Some would see a person asking to be baptized. Some may hear the words of complaints and wonder if they did something wrong. Each of them would think throughout the day if what they did helped anyone. Some would be complimented. Some would be ignored. Some would receive criticism. And as the day ended, they would be thinking what am I to preach next week. Some would already know. Some wouldn’t have a clue.

  My friends, the preachers. I love them. I need them. They have made a huge difference in my life. I am honored to be named among them. It is incredible that God takes His perfect word about His perfect Son and allows imperfect people like me to proclaim it.

  A beautiful Sunday morning. As folks arrive at the church house, the preacher has been up for some time. He has been going over what he wants to say that day. He is grateful that people trust him with the incredible job of preaching God’s word to them.

  Sometimes the sermon is longer than some want. Sometimes the sermon hits very close to home, closer than some want. Sometimes the message brings joy to hearts. Sometimes there is a tear that comes to our eyes. Sometimes the sermon makes us feel uncomfortable, realizing that we need to do something to be closer to the Lord. Sometimes the sermon challenges us. Sometimes there is a bit of guilt that we feel. But all of that, is to help us know Jesus and walk closer with Him.

  A beautiful Sunday morning. The birds were singing. The sun was rising. And, the preachers were ready to proclaim God’s word. What a wonderful thing that takes place on a Sunday morning.

  I just love Sundays—it’s the best day of the week!